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About NBS Equal Opportunity Fund Campaign

NBS Equal Opportunity Fund – Enabling Success

Overseas exchange and internship programmes have a significant impact on the  personal and career development of students. These experiences help to boost self-confidence, build independence, and develop soſt skills in students such as adaptability and cultural intelligence, which help increase their employability​.​

An integral part of the NBS journey, overseas exchange and internship programmes offer our students real-world exposure to a wide array of industries and give them the edge to succeed in the new globalised economy.

However, one in five students is unable to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

The new NBS Equal Opportunity Fund will now give students from underprivileged backgrounds a valuable platform for overseas opportunities. Launched on 24 April 2019, this initiative from the NBS Alumni Advisory Board was made possible by NBS alumni Mr Danny Yong, CIO & Founding Partner, Dymon Asia Capital, Ms Carolyn Choo, Managing Director, Worldwide Hotels Pte Ltd and Mr Henry Tan, Group CEO & Chief Innovation Officer, Nexia TS.

Create A Generation That Can Build A Better Tomorrow

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Students on Overseas Internship

How It All Started

Launched on 24 April 2019, the initial seed fund was made possible by NBS alumni Danny Yong Ming Chong, Carolyn Choo Bee Lian and Henry Tan Song Kok, who pledged their support to help students succeed.​

Awards from the fund will support NBS students’ overseas exchanges or internships, as well as participation in international case competitions and community projects.

The Equal Opportunity Fund is an initiative established by the NBS Alumni Advisory Board.

Mr. Danny Yong

Chief Investment Officer and
Founding Partner
Dymon Asia Capital
Bachelor of Business, 1996

Ms Carolyn Choo Bee Lian

Managing Director
Worldwide Hotels Pte Ltd
Bachelor of Business, 1999

Mr Henry Tan Song Kok

Group CEO
Chief Innovation Officer
Nexia TS
Bachelor of Accountancy, 1988

Making Success a Reality

​​​​​Benefits of Giving​
Gifts are tax deductible at​ 2.5 times of your gift value. (Applicable to Singapore tax residents only)

Eligible donations are matched​​ by the​ Singapore government, increasing the impact of your contribution.​

Naming and acknowledgement opportunities are available.
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