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Why It Matters


In the new globalised economy, overseas internships and exchange programmes play an important role in developing graduates who are independent, adaptable, and culturally aware.

Your support will give more NBS students the opportunity to interact with and learn from professionals and peers around the world, and develop the skills and cultural intelligence to lead in the future.

Your continued generosity will help the bright minds of the next generation turn ambition into achievement, and make a positive impact in Singapore and the world.

How the fund supports students

The Equal Opportunity Fund will provide vital support to lessen the financial burden of overseas exchange for students in need. Awards from the fund will support NBS students’ overseas exchanges or internships, as well as participation in international case competitions and community projects.

The cost of overseas exchange differs based on factors such as duration, destination, and courses studied. Beyond fees, students bear a range of additional costs, including:

  • Visa application fees
  • Return airfare
  • Oversea Travel Insurance
  • Accommodation costs
  • Food
  • Books
  • Transport
  • Personal expenses

Success Stories

Making impact around the world

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​​​​​Benefits of Giving​
Gifts are tax deductible at​ 2.5 times of your gift value. (Applicable to Singapore tax residents only)

Eligible donations are matched​​ by the​ Singapore government, increasing the impact of your contribution.​

Naming and acknowledgement opportunities are available.
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