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Jeremy YEE

Jeremy YEE

Group Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director & Co-Founder
Clearbridge Health

Mr Jeremy Yee is the Group Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director & Co-Founder of Clearbridge Health. Previously, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Cordlife Group since 2011 and Executive Director since January 2004, He was last re-elected as a Director of the Group on 19 October 2012. As Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Mr Yee was responsible for identifying and implementing company-wide business growth strategies and organisational structures, and directly oversees all aspects of the Group’s growth and operating functions.

Mr Yee was the Chief Financial Officer of Cordlife Ltd (“CBB”) prior to the demerger from its subsidiaries in June 2011. From 2004 to 2011, he was directly responsible for CBB's financial function, including statutory filings, accounting audits, finance controls and treasury. From 2002 to 2003, Mr Yee was Director of Corporate Development and later Chief Operating Officer of the Company, where he was responsible for its overall corporate development activities.

Mr Yee obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Social Studies from The University of Manchester. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Professional Accounting and a Master of Commerce from the Murdoch University and University of Sydney, respectively. In addition, Mr Yee holds an EMBA obtained from Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore where he is also a recipient of the Furama Ltd Endowed Book Prize award. He obtained a MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2012.

Mr Yee is also a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of StemLife Berhad, an associate company of Cordlife Group Limited, which is listed on Bursa Malaysia. He is a member of the NBS Alumni Advisory Board since November 2014, where he was responsible for providing advice to the NBS Dean and the senior management team relating to NBS’s strategic direction, its competitive positioning and brand.

Mr Yee was the Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of China Cord Blood Corporation, a company in which Cordlife Group Limited has 10.02% shareholding.

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