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Sustainability Courses

NBS offers the following courses related to Business Sustainability:​

​​Course Code ​Course Title ​Division
​AB0001​ ​Sustainability: Issues, Reporting & Finance ​Accounting​
​AB0301 ​Legal & Ethical Issues in Sustainability ​Business Law
​AB0402 ​Sustainability, Innovation & Operations ​Information Technology & Operations Management
​AB0501 ​Green Marketing ​Marketing & International Business
​AB0502 ​Managing Sustainability ​Marketing & International Business
​AB0603 ​Business Gone Green: Managerial Issues ​Strategy, Management & Organisation
​BE1401 ​Business Operations & Processes ​Information Technology & Operations Management
​BE2601 ​Principles of Management ​Strategy, Management & Organisation
​BT2504 ​Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism & Hospitality ​Marketing & International Business
​BU8341 ​Practical Ethics: Thinking about Right & Wrong ​Business Law
​BU8542 ​Social Marketing - Making this World a Better Place ​Marketing & International Business
​BU8642 ​Leadership in the 21st Century ​Strategy, Management & Organisation
​​Course Code ​Course title ​Instructor
​B6020 ​Accounting ​Prof TM Choo & Prof LH Chung
​B6026 ​Marketing ​Prof DH Hooi
​B6027 ​Operations ​Prof Geoff Chua & Prof Rohit Bhatnagar
​B6602 ​Corporate Sustainability: Strategies, Innovations & Methodologies ​Prof S. Viswanathan
​B8057 ​Green Trading & Emissions Trading ​Prof S. Pushkala Ratan
​​Course code​ ​course title ​Instructor
BP7901 ​Business Issues in Sustainability ​Asst Prof Judith Walls, Prof S. Viswanathan & Prof Chien-Ming Chen
​MG9103 ​Advanced Topics in Strategic Management ​Asst Prof Shih-Chi Chiu
​MG9104 ​Theoretical Foundations of Strategic Management ​Asst Prof Judith Walls
​OM9201 ​Contemporary Issues in Operations Management ​*varies from term to term
​OM9202 ​Special Topics in Operations Management ​*varies from term to term
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