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Past Seminars and Workshops

​​Past Speakers to the Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series include:
Date ​Seminar Topic ​Name of Speaker
​02 May 2018 ​​Corporate Governance, Greenwashing and Sustainability in Transitional Economy.​ ​Associate Professor Jie Wu, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau​ myphoto.PNG
​18 April 2018​​ ​​Ecolabel credibility and sustainable purchasing. ​​Professor Nicole Darnall, School of Public Affairs and School of Sustainability, Arizona State University Nicole Darnall.jpg
​15 August 2017​​ ​Are Emerging Market Multinationals Not Welcome? Social License to Acquire Abroad. ​​​Dr Olga Hawn
Assistant Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability Distinguished Fellow,
University of North Carolina
​10 March 2017 ​Sustainability in Transportation. ​Professor Rommert Dekker, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands photo rommerrt.jpg
​15 ​February 2017 ​Building Organizational Capacity for Sustainable Innovation. ​Professor Sanjay Sharma,
University of Vermont, USA.
sanjay sharma.png
​30 November 2016 ​The Business Case of Sustainability - a contested field. ​Professor Dr. Timo Busch, University of Hamburg, Germany. timo busch.jpg​​
​09 ​November 2016 ​Quantitative Methodologies for Sustainability Assessment. ​Professor Michael Z. Hauschild, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark. hauschild.jpg
October 5, 2016​ ​Will business save the Earth? The potential and limits of innovating our way to sustainability. Professor Michael Lenox, University of Virginia, USA.
michael lenox.jpg
September 28, 2016. ​Philanthropic campaigns and customer behaviour: Field experiments in an online taxi booking company.

​Associate Professor Jasjit Singh, INSEAD, Singapore.
July 25, 2016. ​Are hazardous substance rankings effective? An empirical investigation or changing assessments of the relative hazards of chemicals and voluntary emissions reductions.

​​Professor Ravi Subramanian, Georgia Tech, USA.
February 17, 2016. ​After greenwashing: The social costs and benefits of corporate green talk.

​Professor Frances Bowen, University of London, UK.
frances bowen.jpg
January 28, 2016. ​A theory of multi-tier ecolabel competition.

​Prof. Tom Lyon, University of Michigan, USA.
tom lyon.jpg
January 27, 2016. ​How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate.

​Professor Andy Hoffman, University of Michigan, USA.
December 09, 2015. ​The effect of the Rana Plaza disaster on shareholder wealth of retailers.

​Professor Vinod Singhal, Georgia Tech, USA.
November 11, 2015. ​Shine on me: Industry coherence, social movement support, and government policy support for the nascent solar photovoltaic industry.

​Associate Professor Glen Dowell, Cornell University, USA.
glenn dowell.jpg
October 07, 2015. ​Creating occupational change from the inside: Exploring the case of green chemistry.

​Associate Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville, University of Cambridge, UK.
September 02, 2015. ​A configurational approach to studying grand challenges: How non-profits, local institutions, and community fabric interact to influence community inequality.

​​Associate Professor Pascual Berrone, IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Spain.

pascual berrone.jpg
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