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Key Research Areas

IMARC has been engaged in joint research with many organisations and collaborates with researchers world-wide on publications. The major research themes are listed below.

Managing Complex IT Projects

This research stream focuses on the studying of complex IT projects.  The various research projects tend to be multi-year, multi-million, enterprise wide, involve diverse stakeholders, and several vendors.  For many of these studies, we were able to collect longitudinal data as the project unfolded, and to observe the challenges faced and solutions tried. The broad research question pursued was how complex IT projects are managed. Key issues explored are the management of multiple stakeholders, project control, vendor transition, global-local tensions, and the challenges of enterprise integration.

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Cultural Intelligence and the IT Workforce

This stream of research examines issues at the boundaries where the IT work environment interacts directly with the IT professional. For example, the IT work environment impacts the nature of IT work, the competencies required to perform IT work and its consequences on employability and careers. These remain enduring issues in developing and managing the IT workforce. The major research streams here include: (1) the nature and meaning of IT work; (2) IT competencies for effective performance; (3) managing professional obsolescence and professional development; (3) compensa​tion, reward and incentive systems for IT professionals; and (4) the changing nature of IT careers.

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Knowledge and Innovation Management

This research stream seeks to understand what types ofinnovation behavior lead to the best performance and how organizations should cultivate the desired innovation behavior and encourage knowledge sharing amongst their employees. A recent project examines inter-organizational collaborations in the public sector, and explores the how social capital elements enable individuals to overcome constraints in the institutional context to effectively collaborate across organizations. Other research projects explore the process from innovation to successful commercialization in product development. A research project has been conducted with 3M to examinehow the expertise of research scientists affects their ability to become effective inventors and effective innovators. A research grant proposal was recently submitted to explore such issues in sustainability-related technological innovation.

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Digital Business and Industry Disruptions

Business digitalization is changing the competitive landscape in many industries. Digitally-savvy customers are demanding more. Experimentations and innovations by many tech-startups are posing real threats of digital disruptions to many industries including banking and healthcare. This stream of research seeks to understand how organizations maneuver themselves in the charting their digital business strategies. It also examines the institutionalization process and challenges of industry-level digital disruptions.

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Social Media and Information Goods

Popular social media sites are highly valued economically, with widespread economic activities surrounding these technology providers. These research projects examine the dimensions of social media technologies and examine how different types of social media affect the conversion of information into business value.We also examine how information propagates through the use of social media technologies, i.e., the nature of information dissemination social media, thespeed and timing of information propagation, the routes through which information is disseminated, and the differences in the propagation of positive versus negative information. A closely related topic is the provision of digital information goods and services. Given their unique properties, we investigate issues of pricing, bundling, versioning, sales strategy as well as consumption patterns of these digital information goods and services.

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