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Annual Emerging Market Rankings

​The term Emerging Markets (EMs) is ubiquitous in the research world and yet we know very little about what exactly an EM is. In the latest 2019 EM Rankings Report by Nanyang Centre for Emerging Markets, we present an EM Index using a framework that encompasses six distinct yet related dimensions - macroeconomic performance, infrastructure and connectivity, financial sector development, development profile and endowments, external orientation and financing, and institutional quality. Without judging the merit of each EM using a narrowly defined unidimensional metric, we construct an EM index as a weighted average of the six dimensions represented by 32 variables covering 95 different EMs across all regions of the world. Subsequently, we classify the EMs resembling a pyramid structure boxing them into five different categories: Advanced, Accelerating, Intermediate, Early and Dormant EMs. 

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