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Director's Message

Sam Park
Welcome to the home of emerging market knowledge! 
Nanyang Centre for Emerging Markets (CEM) aims to be an influential knowledge hub for business issues in emerging markets. Emerging markets have been the main engine of global growth over the last three decades. Following the early rise of China and other BRIC countries, there will continue to be new blocs of emerging markets, such as ASEAN and Southeast Asia, to drive the global growth in coming decades.


The surge of emerging markets in the global economy has transformed the geopolitics, investment flows, and global businesses. Western multinational firms (MNCs) rushed into emerging markets for new business opportunities that would help sustain their growth. The fast economic growth also offered sufficient capital for emerging market multinationals (EMMs) to emerge as global leaders in various sectors. EMMs now account for almost one-third of the global Fortune 500 while the presence of the U.S. MNCs in the same list has continuously declined since the early 2000s.


Have these investments in and out of emerging markets been successful? Some have enjoyed a great return but there have also been many that have struggled or failed miserably with a huge loss. The difficulties and losses in emerging markets are mostly due to the misunderstanding and ignorance of the unique characteristics of emerging market economies and companies. Western MNCs often operate in emerging markets under inappropriate assumptions while EMMs struggle in their international growth due to the lack of firm capabilities.


Nanyang CEM aspires to fill this critical void in knowledge and business practices in emerging markets. It comprises a global research network of leading scholars and institutions with a strong interest in emerging markets. Corporate partners offer insights and feedback to our research, senior research fellows provide the necessary guidance for rigorous research, and institutional partners execute the study in each emerging market. It delivers the research findings in various formats for multiple stakeholders such as managerial reports, journal and book publications, white papers, workshops, forums, and so on. 


Nanyang CEM looks for creative knowledge on current and evolving issues in emerging markets that are beneficial in corporate management, policymaking, and academic research. This is a daunting task that would be possible only with the desire and support from all parties of the global network. It is my honour and pleasure to work with these dedicated and generous group of scholars, institutions, and corporations to advance our understanding of emerging markets. Our effort will contribute to achieving sustained and balanced growth of emerging market economies and companies.

Sam Park
President’s Chair and Professor in Strategy and IB
Director for Centre for Emerging Markets & Centre for African Studies​

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