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​Forthcoming Seminars
​Past Seminars
​20 Nov 2019 ​The Last Chance to Improve Financial Reporting Reliability: Evidence from Recorded and Waived Audit Adjustments​ by Prof Katherine Schipper, Duke University​
​13 Nov 2019 ​Tax Policy Uncertainty by Assoc Prof John Gallemore, University of Chicago
​6 Nov
​Payoffs to Aggressiveness​ by Prof Frank Ecker, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management​
30 Oct 2019 ​De-biasing bold forecasts using the 'outside view': The case of analysts' sales growth forecasts by Assoc Prof Peter Joos, INSEAD
​16 Oct 2019 ​Skewness in Expected Earnings and CEO Compensation​ by Assoc Prof Stephen Hillegeist, Arizona State University
​4 Oct 2019 ​The Effect of Trade Secrets Law on Stock Price Synchronicity: Evidence from the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine​ by Prof Yongtae KIM​, Santa Clara University
​25 Sept 2019 Mind the Gap? Firm Strategy and CEO-VP Pay Gap by Assoc Prof Bo QIN, The University of Melbourne​
​18 Sept 2019 ​Trading Volume and Public Information in an Experimental Asset Market with Short-Horizon Traders by Asst Prof Radhika LUNAWAT, University of California - Irvine​
​28 Aug 2019 ​The Impact of Raising Employee Pay on Manager-Employee Relationships​ by Asst Prof YIN Huaxiang, ​Nanyang Technological University
​14 Aug 2019 ​Do Managers Disclose More Risks When Given a Chance to Explain?
The Effects of Risk Disclosure Regime and Reporting Goal on Managers’ Disclosure Choices by Asst Prof Yeo Feng, University of South Carolina
​17 Apr
​The forecasting use of EBITDA covenants by equity investors by Assoc Prof Lee Lian Fen, ​Boston College
​10 Apr 2019 ​Unbeatable Forecasts by Prof Andrew Call, ​Arizona State University
​3 Apr 2019 ​Trust and Debt Contracting: Evidence from International Syndicated Loans​ by PhD Candidate Xiong Xi, Nanyang Technological University​​
​27 Mar 2019 ​Analysts’ and Managers’ Use of Humor on Public Earnings Conference Calls​​ by Assoc Prof Nathan Sharp, Texas A&M University 
​20 Mar 2019 ​​Needs Versus Wants: Which Motivates More Effort?​ by Prof Alan Webb, University of Waterloo
​13 Mar 2019 ​Policing Financial Markets: The Rhetorical Battle of Whistleblowing Short Sellers by Assoc Prof Luc Paugam, HEC Paris
06 Mar
Reducing Short Selling Constraints and Investment-Stock Price Sensitivity: Theory and Evidence​ by Asst Prof You-il (Chris) PARK, Nanyang Technological University
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