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​ ​Forthcoming Seminars


​Past Seminars
​Wed, 21 Nov ​Messaging Without a Message: Executive Value and Social Media Activity
by Associate Professor Rencheng WANG, University of Melbourne
​Wed, 14 Nov ​The Proprietary Cost of Disclosure: Evidence from Tracking Copycats' Digital Footprints
by Assistant Professor Sean CAO, Georgia State University
​Wed, 7 Nov On the Informativeness of Unexpected Exclusions from Street Earnings
by Associate Professor Stephannie LAROCQUE, University of Notre Dame
Wed, 17 Oct​ ​Voluntary Disclosure and Investment When Outsiders and Insiders have Different Beliefs
by Professor Suil PAE, Sungkyunkwan University
​​Wed, 12 Sept ​Do Auditors Charge a Risk Premium? Evidence from the Association between Derivative Hedging and Audit Fees
by Assistant Professor Tharindra RANASINGHE, University of Maryland
​Wed, 29 Aug ​CEO Connectedness and the Cost of Capital
Associate Professor Angie LOW, Nanyang Technological University
​Wed, 15 Aug ​Can Organizational Identification Mitigate the CEO Horizon Problem? by Professor Margaret Anne ABERNETHY, University of Melbourne
Wed, 25 Apr 2​018​​ Why Can't I Trade? Exchange Discretion in Calling Halts Around Important Information Events by Associate Professor Sarah ZECHMAN, University of Colorado at Boulder​
Wed, 18 Apr 2018​​ Impact of Climate Change on Firm Earnings by Associate Professor Artur HUGON, Arizona State University​
Wed, 11 Apr 2018​​ Avoiding China’s Capital Market: Evidence from Hong Kong-Listed Red-chips and P-chips by Professor Grace POWNALL, Emory University
Wed, 4 Apr 2018​​ Looking the Part: Does Audit Committee Expertise Reduce the Influence of Superficial Appearances in Auditor Selection and Compensation Decisions?​ by Professor Steven J KACHELMEIER, University of Texas at Austin
Wed, 14 Mar 2018​​​​ Verification Procedures and Financial Reporting Quality: The Positive Effects of Negative Assurance Reviews by ​Professor William KINNEY, University of Texas at Austin​
Wed, 7 Mar 2018​​​
Should Employees be Given Second Chances? Evidence from A Quasi-Field Experiment by Assistant Professor Steve Yu-Ching WU, University of Hong Kong
Wed, 28 Feb 2018​ What should be the Null Hypothesis of Rational Expectation? - Evidence from Security Analysts and Machine Learning Assistant by Professor Rui SHEN, Nanyang Technological University

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