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​​ ​Past Seminars
​Nov 16 ​​"Casting" a Doubt: Informational Role of Analyst Participation during Earnings Conference Calls
​by Professor Mohan VENKATACHALAM, Duke University
​Oct 19 Do Disclosed Subsequent Events Pose Risk to Financial Reporting Quality?
by Assistant Professor Wei ZHU, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain
​Oct 12 The Changing Landscape of Auditor Litigation
by Assistant Professor Colleen HONIGSBERG, Stanford Law School
​Sep 21 ​Is Audit Behavior Contagious? Teamwork Experience and Audit Quality by Individual Auditors
by Associate Professor Nancy SU, Hong Kong Polytechnic Univer​sity
​Sep 14 ​​An Examination of the Listing of Analyst Coverage on Corporate Websites
by Associate Professor Lian Fen LEE, Boston College
​Sep 7 ​The Effect of Banks' Financial Reporting on Syndicated Loan Structures
by Associate Professor Scott LIAO, University of Toronto
​Aug 31 ​Business Press Coverage and Management Earnings Guidance
by Assistant Professor Yachang ZENG, Nanyang Technological University
​Aug 17 ​The Effect of Incentive Scheme and Task Type on Altruistic Behavior within the Organization
by Associate Professor Ivo TAKFOV, Georgia State University
​Jun 15 ​​How Do Inspectors Evaluate Auditor's Decisions? The Role of Prior Experience, Inspection Approach and Wise Thinking
by Professor Mark Peecher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
​May 4 ​Learning to Acquire with Toeholds
by Assistant Professor Yun DAI, Erasmus University​
​May 3 ​That Sentimental Journey to the Wall Street - Movie Box Office and Stock Prices
by Professor Oliver Zhen LI, National University of Singapore​
​Apr 20 ​The Role of Convex Equity Incentives in Managers' Forecasting Decisions
by Assistant Professor Holly YANG, Singapore Management University
​Apr 13 ​Career Concerns and Unpaid Chinese Executives
by Professor Naomi SODERSTROM, University of Melbourne
​Mar 30 ​The Standard-Setters' Toolkit: Can Principles Prevail Over Bright Lines?
by Professor Patricia O'Brien, University of Waterloo
​Jan 20 Relational Controls in Inter-Firm Transactions
by Professor Ranjani KRISHNAN, Michigan State University
​Jan 13​ ​Accounting Quality and the Speed of Price Adjustment: New Evidence
by Associate Professor Mozaffar KHAN, Harvard Business School
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