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​​ ​Past Seminars
18 Nov       The Effect of Pay Level on the Selection of Value-Congruent Employees in Mission-Drive Organizations
by Associate Professor Clara CHEN,​ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
4 Nov ​Green Disclosures? Social Media and ​Prosocial Behavior?
by Visiting Professor Hai LU, Singapore Management University
28 Oct ​The Usefulness of Negative Aggregate Earnings Changes in Predicting Future Gross Domestic Product Growth
by Assistant Professor Asad KAUSAR, Nanyang Technological University
21 Oct ​Does Credit-Card Information Reporting Improve Small-Business Tax Compliance?
by Assistant Professor Jeffrey L HOOPES, Ohio State University
14 Oct ​The Selection and Motivation Effects of Tournament Prize Spread
by Assistant Professor Huaxiang YIN, Nanyang Technological University
7 Oct Linguistic Uncertainty in Financial Disclosures
by Assistant Professor Kai DU, Pennsylvania State University
23 Sept How Giving Feedback to Subordinates and Learning through Experience Mitigate Performance Evaluation Judgment Bias: Evidence from EVA Adoption by Chinese State-Owned Enterprises
by Assistant Professor Fei DU, University of Hong Kong
16 Sept
​Earnings Management and Annual Report Readability
by Assistant Professor Rafael ROGO, University of British Columbia
2 Sept
​A Cross-Country Examination of Auditor Reporting for Going-Concern Uncertainty
by Assistant Professor Miguel MINUTTI-MEZA, University of Miami
22 Apr The Effects of Hedonic Gift Card Rewards Versus Cash Rewards in a Sales Tournament: A Field Experiment
by Associate Professor Khim KELLY, University of Waterloo
15 Apr Can Passive Owners Influence Firm Operations? Quasi-Indexer Holdings and Corporate Tax-Planning
by Professor Shuping CHEN, University of Texas at Austin
8  Apr
Analyst Information Discovery and Information Interpretation Roles: A Topic Modeling Approach
by Assistant Professor Allen HUANG, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
1 Apr ​CEO Compensation Contracts: Do Biologically-Honest Signals Matter?
by Assistant Professor Yachang ZENG, Tilburg University
25 Mar ​Customer-Supplier Relationships and Corporate Tax Avoidance
by Assistant Professor Luo ZUO, Cornell University
11 Mar The Effect of Language Formality in Social Media Disclosures
by Assistant Professor Timothy J BROWN, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
25 Feb ​Tax Inversion within the United States: Evidence from State Corporate Tax Rate Changes
by Associate Professor Jeffrey NG, Singapore Management University
11 Feb Customer's Short Interest and Supplier's Investment Decision
by Professor Xia CHEN, Singapore Management University
4 Feb The Higher Moments of Future Earnings
by Assistant Professor Woo-Jin CHANG, INSEAD​


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