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​​ ​Past Seminars
29 Oct​    The Role of Director and Executive Interlocks in Mitigating Uncertainty in Auditor Hiring Decisions
by Assistant Professor Julia YU, Nanyang Technological University
15 Oct ​The Consequences of Rule 3522
by Professor Clive LENNOX, Nanyang Technological University
​8 Oct ​Privacy Disclosure and Auditing: An Exploratory Study
by Professor David HAY, University of Auckland
24 Sep ​The Use of Revenue Disclosures to Inform and Influence the Market
by Assoc Prof Stephen STUBBEN, University of Utah
3 Sept ​Financial Statement Irregularities: Evidence from the Distributional Properties of Financial Statement Numbers
by Asst Professor Zahn BOZANIC, Ohio State University
20 Aug Who is the Average Individual Investor? Numerical Skills and Implications for Accounting Research
by Assoc Professor Susan KRISCHE, American University​
​3 Jul ​Can Auditors Detect Deceptive Discussions During Earnings Conference Calls?
by Asst Professor Jessen HOBSON, University of Illinois
​1 Jul ​The Effects of Financial Derivaties on the Decisions of Sell-Side Analysts
by Professor Theodore SOUGIANNIS, University of Illinois
1 Jul ​The Effects of Forecasting Approach and Performance-Based Incentives on the Quality of Management Forecasts
by Assoc Professor Clara CHEN, University of Illinois
​23 Apr ​Do Client Characteristics Really Drive Big N Quality Differentiation?
by Asst Professor Jieying ZHANG, University of Southern California
12 Apr​ ​2014 Tri-Uni Junior Faculty Research Conference
9 Apr ​Implications of Understanding Cost Behavior for Financial Accounting Research
by Professor Rajiv BANKER, Temple University
12 Mar ​Government Preferences, SEC's Enforement Actions and Firms' Accounting Violations
by Mr Jonas HEESE, Maastricht University
6 Mar ​Repetitive Disclosures in the MD&A
by Ms Heather LI, University of Toronto
3 Mar ​Labor Market Peer Firms
by Ms Nan LI, University of Chicago
28 Feb ​Real Cost Management around Loan Financing
by Dr Shunlan FANG, Temple University
27 Feb ​Disclosure Regulation and the Competition between Public and Private Firms: The Case of Segment Reporting
by Ms Ying ZHOU, University of Florida
19 Feb ​Information Policies, Manager Discretion, and Managerial Opportunism
by Mr Huaxiang YIN, Tilburg University
​14 Feb​ ​Does Accounting Quality Matter for Short-term Financing? Evidence from Firms' Amount of Trade Credit
by Mr Yun KE, University of British Columbia
12 Feb ​Unintended Effect of Group Identity: An Experimental Investigation of Benefit Asymmetry ​and Employees' Cooperation
by Ms Helen XU, Georgia Institute of Technology
5 Feb ​Zombie Lending, Financial Reporting Opacity and Contagion
by Mr Yupeng LIN, National University of Singapore
22 Jan ​A New Accounting Approach to Evaluate M&A Prices and Goodwill Allocations
by Mr Hyung Il OH, Columbia University

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