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​​ ​Past Seminars
​20 Nov         Illusion of Growth: Merger-Related Transitory Growth and Its Implications for Growth and Accrual Misprising
by Professor Daniel COLLINS, University of Iowa
​13 Nov ​Understanding the Role of Management Earnings Forecast Range
by Assoc Professor Marlene PLUMLEE, University of Utah
​6 Nov ​How do Audit Firms Assign Engagement Partners to Clients and What are the Consequences for Audit Quality?
by Professor Clive LENNOX
30 Oct ​Regulation through Social Norms
by Assoc Professor Gilles HILARY, INSEAD
23 Oct ​The Interdependence Effect of CEO and Outside Director Equity-Based Compensation on Management Earnings Forecasts: Substitutes or Complements?
by Asst Professor Byungjin KWAK, KAIST
​16 Oct Do Investors Use Management Forecasts as Benchmarks to Evaluate Future Performance?
by Assoc Professor Kai Wai HUI, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
9 Oct Of Poetry and Ethics
by Professor Oliver Zhen LI, National University of Singapore
1 Oct
​Cross-Country Evidence on the Relation between Capital Gains Taxes, Risk, and Expected Rates on Return
by Assistant Professor Stephanie SIKES, University of Pennsylvania
18 Sept
​Accounting for Stakeholders in Times of Crisis: Sensemaking of Calls for Transparency within Financial Accounting
by Professor Steven SALTERIO, Queen's School of Business
​4 Sept​ ​Performance Measurement Alignment and Supplier Performance in High-Technology Supply Chains
by Assoc Professor Neale O'CONNOR, Visiting Assoc Professor of National University of Singapore​
​28 Aug How are Earnings Attributes Affected by Audit Adjustments?
by Professor Clive LENNOX, Nanyang Technological University
21 Aug
Cost Estimates, Cost Overruns, and Project Continuation Decisions
by Professor Joan LUFT, Michigan State University
​24 Apr ​Can Excellence in Corporate Social Performance Improve Investors' Financial Assessments and Credibility of Managers' Forecasts?
by Assoc Professor Andres GUIRAL, Yonsei University
17 Apr ​Does Accounting Conservatism Impede Corporate Inoovation?
by Assoc Professor Simba Xin CHANG, Nanyang Technological University
​10 Apr ​Think Twice before Going for Incentives: Social Norms and the Principal's Decision on Compensation Contracts
by Professor Eddy CARDINAELS, Tilburg University
​3 Apr​ ​The Effect of Manager-specific Optimism on the Tone of Earnings Conference Call
by Professor Dawn MATSUMOTO, University of Washington
​27 Mar When Analysts Talk, Do Institutional Investors Listen? Evidence from Target Price Changes
by Associate Professor Hongping TAN, SUNY Buffalo
​21 Mar Researching and Publishing in Accounting
by Professor Christopher CHAPMAN, Imperial College London
​27 Feb ​Securities Litigation Risk for Foreign Companies Listed in the U.S.
by Assistant Professor Gwen YU, Harvard Business School
​23 Jan ​Using On-Line Learning Tools in the First Course in Accounting
by Associate Professor Patricia LIBBY, Ithaca college
​16 Jan ​Financial Statement Disaggregation Decisions & Auditors' Tolerence for Misstatement
by Professor Robert LIBBY, Cornell University


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