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​​ ​Past Seminars
​20 Nov         ​The Effect of Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting on Information Asymmetry: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in China
by Professor Mingyi HUNG, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
31 Oct Managerial Equity Ownership and Financial Analysts' Information Environment
by Associate Professor Tony KANG, Oklahoma State University
​17 Oct Cost of Capital Free-Riders
by Professor Stephen BAGINSKI, University of Georgia​
3 Oct Are Managers Penalized When Their Accounting Measurements are not Publicly Observed?
by Professor Clive LENNOX, Nanyang Technological University
26 Sept The Impact of Mandatory IFRS Adoption on Bank Loan Contracting
by Asst Professor Shiheng WANG, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
19 Sept   The Effects of Auditor Rotation, Professional Skepticism, and Interactions with Managers on Audit Quality
by Assoc Professor David PIERCEY, University of Massachusetts Amherst
22 Aug Counterparty Responses to Managerial Overconfidence
by Asst Professor Holly YANG, University of Pennsylvania
4 May
The Risk Management Role of Accounting Conservatism for Operating Cash Flows
by Professor Gary BIDDLE, University of Hong Kong
18 Apr
The Moderating Effects of Ex Post Subjectivity on the Relation between Goal Difficulty and Performance
by Asst Professor Khim KELLY, University of Waterloo
11 Apr​ Changes in Firms' Cost Structures, Effects on Matching, and Implications for Earnings Quality
by Asst Professor Anup SRIVASTAVA, Northeastern University
4 Apr Is Post Lost/Profit Announcement Drift a new Anomaly?
by Asst Professor Asad KAUSAR, Nanyang Technological University
21 Mar​
Board Reputation and Financial Reporting Quality
by Professor Dan SEGAL, Interdisciplinary Center Hezliya
14 Mar Does the Presence of Just a Few Large Audit Firms Make the Audit Market Uncompetitive?
by Professor Clive LENNOX, Nanyang Technological University
7 Mar Auditing Complex Estimates: Understanding the Process Used and Problems Encountered
by Professor Kathryn KADOUS, Emory University
22 Feb Empirical Evidence on Reporting Quality under Dual Mandatory Rotation Rule
by Dr Gilad LIVNE, City University, London
15 Feb Audit Market Concentration, Auditor's Reputation as Global- and Country-level Market Leader, and Investor-perceived Audit Quality
by Professor Ferdinand GUL, Monash Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
​8 Feb The Effect of Information Pursuit on Judgments and Confidence of Auditors
by Asst Professor William TAYLER, Emory University
​18 Jan Estimate-related Disclosures, Investor Mindset and the Illusion of Precision in Financial Statement Estimates
by Mr Brian WHITE, PhD Candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
​11 Jan Do Managers Always Know Better? An Examination of the Relative Accuracy of Management and Analyst Forecasts
by Asst Professor Lian Fen LEE, Boston College​

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