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Year 2011
16 Nov         R&D Reporting Rule and Firm Efficiency
by Assoc Prof Neil BHATTAC​HARYA, Southern Methodist University
5 Oct Hush Money: The Impact of Rank and File Stock Options on Employee Whistle-Blowing
by Asst Professor Andrew CALL, University of Georgia
21 Sept Do Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Certification of Objectivity Reduce Bias in Professional Accountants' J​udgments?
by Professor Hun Tong TAN, Nanyang Technological University
14 Sept Turning Up the Volume: An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Mutual Monitoring in Tournaments
by Asst Professor May ZHANG, Northeastern University
7 Sept Mandatory IFRS Adoption and Stock Price Crash Risk: Global Evidence
by Asst Professor Liandong ZHANG, City University of Hong Kong
31 Aug  The Effects of Carrot versus Stick Incentive Schemes and Working Relationships on Auditors' Reporting of Questionable Acts
by Assoc Professor El'fred BOO, Nanyang Technological University
24 Aug The Role of Firm Status in Appointments of Financial Experts to Audit Committees
by Asst Professor David ERKENS, University of Southern California
8 Aug
An Overview of Charities Accounting Standard
by Assoc Professor NG Eng Juan, Nanyang Technological University
27 Jun
The Implied Cost of Capital: A New Approach
by Asst Professor Yinglei ZHANG, Chinese University of Hong Kong
20 Jun Tone Management
by Professor Siew Hong TEOH, University of California, Irvine
24 May Selecting from Accounting-based Valuation Models
by Assoc Professor Steve MONAHAN, INSEAD
5 May
The Effect of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Tax Avoidance
by Professor Agnes CHENG, Louisiana State University
14 Apr Audit Fee Stickiness or it Goes Up Quicker than it Comes Down
by Dr Charl de VILLIERS, University of Auckland
13 Apr What Drives Credit Rating Changes? A Return Decomposition Approach
by Ms Sunhwa CHOI, Seoul National University
30 Mar Segment Disclosures, Internet Capital Markets, and Firm Value: Evidence from SFAS No. 131
by Mr Young-Jun CHO, Cornell University
23 Mar Litigation Risk and Management Forecast Opimism: Is Bad News Really Less Biased Than Good News?
by Ms Helen HURWITZ, Columbia University
​21 Mar CEO After-tax Compensation Incentives and Corporate Tax Avoidance (via video conference) 
by Mr Fabio B GAERTNER, University of Arizona
​16 Mar Creditor Control, State of Nature Verification, and Financial Reporting Conservatism
by Mr Liang TAN, Northwestern University
14 Mar The Impact of Changes in Competition in the Syndicated Loan Market on Financial Covenant Use
by Ms Jingjing ZHANG, Northwestern University
9 Mar ​The Interaction of Voluntary and Mandatory Disclosure: Evidence from the SEC's Elimination of the IFRS-US GAAP Reconciliation
by Ms Julia YU, University of Georgia
2 Mar Income Shifting When No One is Looking? Earnings Management by Acquisition Targets between Takeover Announcement and Completion
by Associate Professor Frank ZHANG, Yale University
1 Mar Earnings Smoothing and Investment Sensitivity to Stock Prices​
by Ms Kelly HUANG, Georgia State University
23 Feb​ The Contagion Effect of Office-Level Audit Failures
by Professor Jere R FRANCIS, University of Missouri-Columbia
​18 Feb ​Cost Structure and Sticky Costs
by Professor Ramji BALAKRISHNAN, University of Iowa
11 Feb ​Managers' Self-Serving Attribution Bias, Overconfidence, and Corporate Financial Policies 
by Asst Professor Feng LI, University of Michigan
26 Jan​ ​Voluntary IFRS Adoption and Stock Price Synchronicity: Do Analyst Following and Institutional Infrastructure Matter?
by Asst Professor Haina SHI, Fudan University


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