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Year 2010
13 Dec          The Post Forecast Revision Drift and Underreaction to Industry-Wide and/or Firm-Specific Earnings
by Assoc Prof Eric YEUNG, University of Georgia
10 Dec
Reward System Design and Group Creativity: An Experimental Investigation
by Asst Prof Flora ZHOU, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
​22 Nov Productivity-Target Difficulty, Performance-Based Pay and the Identification of Production Efficiencies
by Asst Professor Michael WILLIAMSON, University of Texas at Austin
10 Nov Management Earnings Forecasts and Simultaneous Release of Earnings News
by Asst Professor Yoel BENILUZ, Rutgers University
3 Nov Internal Control over Financial Reporting and Investment Efficiency
by Professor Dan S DHALIWAL, University of Arizona
27 Oct  Challenges for the Implementation of Fair Value Accounting in Emerging Markets: Evidence from China
by Assoc Professor Danqing YOUNG, Chinese University of Hong Kong
1 Sept Does Web Disclosure Matter? Evidence from the US and Taiwan
by Asst Professor David WANG, National Taiwan University​
30 Aug
Do Sales Executives Matter for Financial Reporting?
by Assoc Professor Kai Wai HUI, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology​
18 Aug
Does Increased Board Independence Reduce Earnings Management? Evidence from Recent Regulatory Reforms
by Asst Professor Xia CHEN, University of Wisconsin-Madison
14 Jul The Relataive Profitability of Analysts' Stock Recommendations: What Role Does Investor Sentiment Play?
by Assoc Professor Michael CLEMENT, University of Texas at Austin
12 Jul​ Managerial Incentive and Management Forecast Precision
by Assoc Professor Qiang CHENG, University of Wisconsin - Madison
30 Jun
Data Truncation Bias, Loss Firms, and Accounting Anomalies
by Professor Siew Hong TEOH, University of California, Irvine
17 Jun Audit Risk, Auditor Judgment Risk, and Trangulation
by Professor Mark PEECHER, University of Illinois
16 Jun
Spillover Effects in Subjective Performance Evaluation: Bias, Fairness, and Controllability
by Asst Professor Jasmijn C BOL, University of Illinois
15 Jun
Evaluator Perceptions of Audits Performed under Principles-Based and Rules-Based Accounting Standards: The Effects of a Professional Judgment Framework and Auditor Expertise
by Asst Professor Bradley POMEROY, University of Illinois
14 Jun Improving the Quality of Financial Reporting and External Audits by Rationalizing Financial Statement Preparer and Auditor Accountaciliby 
by Professor Ira SOLOMON, University of Illinois​
​4 May The Effect of SOX on Audit Quality in the Market for Small Auditors
by Professor Clive LENNOX, Nanyang Technological University
​28 Apr Accounting Conservatism and Ownership Structure: An Empirical Analysis
by Asst Professor Shuping CHEN, The University of Texas at Austin
14 Apr The Effects of Market Competition and International Market Orientation on Management Control System Use by Emerging-Market Firms
by Assoc Professor Neale O'CONNOR, University of Hong Kong
1 Apr
The Impacts of Product Market Competition on the Quantity & Quality of Voluntary Disclosures
by Ms Julia YU, University of Georgia
30 Mar Financial Reporting Quality & the Quiet Life
by Mr Mihir N MEHTA, PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19 Mar Financial Restatements: Implications for Management Earnings Forecasts
by Ms Zinan ZHU, PhD Candidate, George Washington University
18 Mar
Purchase Obligations, Earnings Persistence & Stock Returns
by Mr Kwang J LEE, PhD Candidate, University of California at Berkeley
17 Mar ​CEO Tenure and Earnings Quality
by Mr Weining ZHANG, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Dallas​
​12 Mar The Effect of Ex-Ante Management Forecast Accuracy on Post-Earnings Announcement Drift
by Ms Li ZHANG, PhD Candidate, London Business School
11 Mar Informativeness of Value-at-Risk Disclosure in the Banking Industry 
by Mr Xiaohua FANG, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
10 Mar Simultaneous Presence of Different Domestic GAAPs and Investors' Limited Attention Bias in U.S. Equity Markets: Implications for Convergence
by Ms Sabrina CHI, PhD Candidate, University of California, Irvine
​4 Mar ​CEO Overconfidence, Managerial Earnings Forecast and Feedback
by Ns Shuqing LUO, PhD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh
​3 Mar ​Internal Funds, Moral Hazard, and Post-Financing Stock Underperformance
by Ms Min CAO, PhD Candidate, Carnegiie Mellon University
10 Feb Earnings Trends & Performance Relative to Benchmarks: How Consistency Influences Their Joint Use​
by Professor Lisa KOONCE, University of Texas at Austin
​3 Feb ​Determinants of Disclosure Noncompliance and the Effect of the SEC Review, Evidence from the 2006 Mandated Compensation Disclosure Regulations
by Asst Professor Yong YU, University of Texas at Austin
27 Jan ​Audit Committee Characteristics and Auditor Dismissals following Internal Control Material Weaknesses (1st paper)
Is there Less Earnings Management When there are More Accounting Experts on the Audit Committee? (2nd paper)
by Dr Jian ZHOU, Assoc Visiting Professor - Nanyang Technological University​
​21 Jan ​Mutual Monitoring in a Multi-Period Team Setting: An Experimental Investigation
by Asst Professor Anthony D NIKIAS, Texas A & M University
13 Jan​ Why Do Forecast Error and Dispersion Not Vary with Scale? Implications for Analyst and Managerial Behavior
by Professor Jacob THOMAS, Yale School of Management

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