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Year 2009
​25 Nov         Corporate Suppliers and Customers and Accounting Conservatism
by Asst Professor Kai Wai HUI, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
11 Nov
Insider Trading and Earnings Management: Is there a Connection?
by Assoc Professor Keshab SHRESTHA, Nanyang Technological University
​4 Nov Convergence of Accounting Standards and Foreign Direct Investment
by Professor Yuan DING, China Europe International Business School
30 Sept Legal Regimes and Investor Response to Accounting Disclosures: The Case of Going-concern Opinions
by Dr Asad KAUSAR, University of Manchester
22 Sept Framing Sticks vs Carrots: An Experimental Investigation of Control & Trust in Agency Relationships
by Assoc Professor Kristy TOWRY, Emory University
9 Sept Audit Fees and Audit Quality of Large Market Share Auditors
by Professor Steven F CAHAN, University of Auckland
2 Sept
Voluntary versus Mandatory Audits: Evidence from the Credit Ratings I​ssued to Private Firms
by Professor Clive LENNOX, Nanyang Technological University
26 Aug
The Earnings Numbers Game: Rewards to Walk Down and Penalties to Walk Up of Analysts' Forecasts of Earnings
by Professor Siew Hong TEOH, University of California at Irvine
19 Aug
Endogenous Dynamic Overconfidence in Managerial Forecasts and the Reaction of Market Participants
by Assoc Professor Gilles HILARY, HEC Paris
20 Jul Monopoly or Competition: Standard Setting in the Private and Public Sector
by Professor Karim JAMAL, University of Alberta
6 Jul Investor Trading and the Post Earnings Announcement Drift
by Assoc Professor Oliver Zhen LI, University of Arizona
3 Jul
Do Bank Affiliated Analysts Benefit from Information Sharing?
by Asst Professor Xiumin MARTIN, Washington University in Saint Louis
5 Jun The Consequences of Aggressive Financial Reporting: The Case of External Financing
by Professor Qiang CHENG, University of Wisconsin - Madison
13 May
An Analysis of Managerial Use and Market Consequences of Earnings Management & Expectation Management
by Professor Somnath DAS, University of Illinois-Chicago
8 May
Accounting Quality, Real Investment and Welfare
by Professor Guochang ZHANG, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
18 Mar
How Do Investors Assess the Relevance of Fair Value for Financial Instruments?
by Professor Lisa KOONCE, University of Texas at Austin
​6 Mar Earnings Management at the Segment Level
by Asst Professor Yvonne Y LU, University of Southern California
​4 Mar Institutional Investors, Commission Fees, and Analyst Bias
by Asst Professor Yong (George) YANG, Chinese University of Hong Kong
18 Feb The Trade-Off Between Real Earnings Management and Accruals Management When Both are Costly
by Professor Asheq RAHMAN, Massey University
4 Feb
Subordinates as the First Line of Defense: The Effects of Manager-Subordinate Relationship Quality and Ethical Concerns on Biased Financial Reporting
by Professor Jane KENNEDY, University of Washington
21 Jan Do Institutional Investors Overreact to Small Negative Earnings Surprises?
by Assoc Professor Bin KE, Pennsylvania State University
14 Jan Geography and the Incidence of Financial Misreporting
by Professor Shivaram RAJGOPAL, University of Washington
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