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Year 2008
​7 Nov         The Role of Consideration in China's Split Share Structure Reform
by Dr Maria Balatbat, University of New South Wales
22 Oct
An Empirical Analysis of Auditor Independence in the Banking Industry
by Dr Kiridaran Kanagaretnam, McMaster University
15 Oct Was the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Good News for Corporate Bondholders?
by Professor Mark L DeFond, University of Southern California
24 Sept Accounting Restatements and the Cost of Debt Capital
by Asst Professor Charles Shi, University of California, Irvine
27 Aug Selection Models in Accounting Research
by Assoc Professor Clive Lennox, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
25 Aug​ Misvaluation, CEO Compensation, and the Agency Costs of Overvalued Equity
by Professor Siew Hong Teoh, University of California at Irvine
15 Jul
Management Forecast Credibility and CEO Turnover
by Professor Chul W Park, Sungkyunkwan University
9 Jun
Aligning Central and Divisional Management: Incentives, Inspection, Penalties and Agent Wealth
by Professor Roger Debreceny, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
7 May
The Effects of Supplemental Management Revenue Forecasts on Analyst Assessment of Earnings Forecast Credibility and Earnings Persistence
by Assoc Professor James R Frederickson, The University of Melbourne
16 Apr Negotiated Budgets: The Impacts of Outcome Accountability and Subordinates' Attitudes on Budgetary Slack and Performance
by Assoc Professor Vincent Chong, The University of Western Australia
9 Apr R-Square: Noise or Firm-Specific Information?
by Asst Professor Yinglei Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong
27 Mar
Adoption of the Concept of a Balanced Scorecard within NSW Health and Hunter New England Health: An Exploration of Staff Attitudes
by Dr Maria C Dyball, Macquarie University
10 Mar When Does Predictability Improve Managers' Forecasting Credibility?
by Mr Shankar Venkataraman, The University of Texas at Austin
27 Feb
The Consequences of Aggressive Financial Reporting: The Case of External Financing
by Dr Johnny Jermias, Teaching Fellow - Nanyang Terchnological University
9 Jan
Managers' Perceptions of Product Market Competition, Profitability and Firms' Voluntary Disclosures
by Assoc Professor Clive Lennox, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

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