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Year 2007
15 Nov         CEO Perquisites in Family-Management Firms
by Asst Professor Tai-Yuan Chen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
7 Nov
Non-Audit Services​ and Auditor Independence: Evidence from 1978 - 1980
by Dr Kevin Koh, Nanyang Technological University
31 Oct Informativeness of Earnings and Accruals: Evidence from Audit Pricingby by Professor Bin Srinidhi, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
24 Oct​ The Performance Effects of the Alignment of Management Accounting Systems Change with Situational Factors
by Professor Zahirul Hoque, La Trobe University
26 Sept​ Publishing in Academic Journals
by Professor Zahirul Hoque, La Trobe University,​ Professor Tan Hun Tong, Nanyang Technological University,Assoc Professor Zhang Huai, Nanyang Technological University and Asst Professor Tong Yen Hee - Nanyang Technological University
12 Sept Financial Reporting Standards, 2007 Annual Update
by Associate Professor Ng Eng Juan, Nanyang Technological University
16 Aug
Effects of Providing Total Cost of Ownership Information on Attribute Weights in Purchasing Decisions
by Professor Marc Wouters, University of Twente (Netherlands)
20 Jul
Optimal Organization of Audit Evidence for Fraud Detection
by Professor William F Wright, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
18 Jul
Idiosyncratic Risk, Earnings Forecasts Uncertainty and Private Information
by Professor A Rashad Abdel-Khalik, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
17 Jul
Buy-side Analysts' Use of Corporate Governance Ratings: Evidence from the US and UK
by Professor James E Hunton, Bentley College
11 Jul
Regulation, Competition and Independence in a Certification Society: Financial Reports vs. Baseball Cards
by Professor Karim Jamal, University of Alberta
3 Jul
Building Trust in an Environment with Separation of Ownership and Control
by Asst Professor Jeffrey Hales, University of Texas at Austin
7 Jun Accruals Quality and Analyst Coverage
by Professor Gerald J Lobo, University of Houston
9 May
The Effect of the Amount and Configuration of News on Inferences about Firm-Specific Events
by Dr Per Olsson, Duke University
13 Apr​
The Effect of Ability, Independence, and Psychology on Analysts' Propensity to Use their Own Earnings Forecasts in Stock Recommendations
by Dr Bin KE, Pennsylvania State University
4 Apr
Do Auditors Use the Information in Off-Balance Sheet Obligations? Evidence from Fees and Going-Concern Opinions
by Dr Gopal K Krishnan, Nanyang Technological University
​28 Mar Can the Earnings Fixation Hypothesis Explain the Accrual Anomaly?
by Ms Linna Shi (PhD Student) and Assoc Prof Huai Zhang, Nanyang Technological University
21 Mar Are Financial Analysts More Independent after the Implementation of NASD Rule 2711?
by Dr Chih-Ying Chen, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
31 Jan Do Models of Discretionary Accruals Detect Actual Cases of Fraudulent and Restated Earnings? An Empirical Evaluation
by Dr Gopal K Krishnan, Nanyang Technological University
17 Jan
Signaling through Accounting Accruals vs Financial Policy: Evidence from Bank Loan Loss Provisions and Dividend Changes
by Dr Yang Dong-Hoon, Nanyang Technological University

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