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Case Studies

Find out more about the various marketing challenges and strategies.



Are Singaporeans ready for Hydroponics

Singapore is one of the most progressive cities in the world, embarking on the latest trends with fervent enthusiasm whether it is high-tech electronics, popular music genre, cutting-edge fashion or unconventional food delicacies.

Buying pain, Why do people pay to get hurt

Tough Mudder is an adventure challenge involving a series of approximately 25 military-style obstacles that participants have to overcome in half a day: running through torrents of mud, plunging into freezing water and even crawling through 10,000 volts of electric wires

How Does It Feel To Be A Market Researcher In Asia

"How does it really feel to be a market researcher in Asia? Is market research all about feeling smart, intelligent and insightful or do the goals of researchers go beyond the rhetoric of most agencies?"

Is Singapore Red-y for Sports Sponsorship

The sports sponsorship industry has been growing over the last few years, particularly in the Asia Pacific market

Missed Call Marketing In India

Despite the sluggish demand for products and services in urban markets, rural markets are growing faster than ever in some of the largest emerging economies

New services behind upward mobility in India

There is much talk about the growth of the service economy and the shift to a post-industrial world.

Smart Doctor, How smartphones hold the key to improving rural health in India​

In India, despite the government's huge spending on schemes like National Rural Health Mission (NRLM) even basic health care facilities are out of the reach of the rural populace

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