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Strategy and Management


Zooming in on the Foreign Direct Investment Landscape in Asian Emerging Markets

Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, an integral component of Asia’s strong economic performance over the last few decades, also facilitated the spread of regional production networks. This report explores the location and sectoral FDI in Asia and adds insights on the evolution of motives for shifts in greenfield FDI inflows into each country of the region.


Competition in Southeast Asia’s Digital Economy

The digital markets of Southeast Asia are dynamic and vibrant, with global, regional, and local digital companies battling fiercely. Find out more about the economic development and growth prospects of Southeast Asia, as well as the digital economy trends in the region.


Are female bosses making it tougher for women to rise up the ranks?

In nations and in businesses, women are under-represented with this phenomenon especially noticeable at senior leadership levels.


Adaptability: What can we learn from this black swan?

Research found that during a VUCA environment or crisis or black swan such as COVID-19, leaders’ experience is a better predictor than intelligence in leading the people out of the daunting challenges.


Global Value Chains and Disruptions in East Asia

The concept of global value chain (GVC) emphasizes the global scale and structure of many value chains as a result of the internationalization of production.


When the going gets tough, the tough entrepreneurs take a break

Two of China’s well-known richest entrepreneurs raised a few eyebrows recently by talking up long working hours.


The business of CEO media appearances

They appear quite frequently – interviews with CEOs, not even necessarily about the company or their product, but also about their personal lives.


Can the comfort zone encourage risk-taking?

Taking risks never feels comfortable, but it is unavoidable and necessary for anyone who aspires to achieve greater goals and for any society where innovation is essential for growth.


Research and entrepreneurship can be bedfellows

With the knowledge-based economy depending on research, innovation and enterprise to thrive, many universities around the world have become increasingly involved in a third mission: Engaging in entrepreneurship activities.


For a better work-life balance, get the mood right at home and at work

The work-life balance issue is back in the official limelight after Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that the Government would soon be launching a series of dialogues to help young couples find work-life solutions.


Collective will needed to clear women's path to leadership

What gives when a working woman in Singapore has difficulty juggling personal well-being, career, friends and family? It seems that "women are putting family first and themselves last", said​ the 2019 Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey.


Nigeria's business prospects, investment opportunities to grow in government's 2nd term

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari successfully secured a second term. The domestic and international investment community is curious about what the policy priorities of the new administration will be.


Have you got the EMO for success?

Why do some entrepreneurs manage to overcome problems and setbacks to create improved products or start new ventures, while others decide it is better for them to throw in the towel?


Looking back: Unpacking the trends that shaped Africa’s business environment

2018 has been an interesting year for Africa, with various events and trends becoming visible. 


Fending Off Disruption: Incumbent Strategies for Digital Transformation

With all the hype about technological disruption, companies are scrambling to jump onto the digital transformation bandwagon. An international Ernst & Young survey, conducted on over 900 companies in 2017, shows that 90% of these companies are elevating digital priorities in their strategic planning over the next two years.


Keeping keen eye out for business ventures

Business opportunity identification is a significant event that spurs entrepreneurial activity. It increases the chances of developing a viable business model for startup companies and SMEs.


Why soft skills matter

LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report which surveyed 4,000 professionals globally found that training for soft skills is the top priority for them. 


The big drivers of the sharing economy

The growth of the sharing economy and its opportunities is an area that Ben Choi is closely following and he talks about the opportunities ahead.


Why boredom at work may not be all bad after all

“I am bored!” “This piece of work is so boring.” Many of us at work are familiar with these sentiments expressed by colleagues at work. Indeed, some companies like Google Singapore and Zappos have gone out of their way to let their employees have fun at work.


Are world powers US and China cooperating or competing

The US government has recently emphasised that they view the relationship between the US and China as primarily competitive, albeit with opportunities for cooperation.


Curiosity does not kill the cat

Ma Yun and friends were googling for beer when he realised he could not find Chinese beer. It prompted him to create a home page in Chinese.


Africa Rising will lift Singapore boats too

If there is one thing that the recent Africa Singapore Business Forum (ASBF) reminded me of, it is what a polarising prospect the continent remains.


People in More Diverse Neighbourhoods are More Prosocial

When people from diverse racial groups live together in the same neighbourhood, each individual might be constantly reminded of their own group membership, and of the differences between their own group and other groups living around them.


How to Get High-Potential Employees Interested in Leadership Development Programs

Leadership training can make a huge difference in preparing professionals to advance in their careers and succeed in leadership roles.


Talent in the age of Innovation

If Singapore’s economy in its first 50 years could be described as an age of industrialisation, driven by technical professionals, managers and technocrats, the next half-century will witness an age of innovation requiring a mix of entrepreneurial talent alongside professional/technical and managerial/leadership skills.


Japan’s engagement with Africa shows a long-term commitment to the continent

In modern times, Japanese and African relations can be traced back to the 1960s when Japan started its official development assistance (ODA) programme to sub-Saharan Africa with the aim of promoting economic development and welfare.


Having fun at work - is it important

A core value of successful American on-line retailer Zappos is “create fun and a little weirdness”.


Will foreign banks be beneficial for Ethiopia?

In June 2018, Ethiopia’s new prime minister Abiy Ahmed survived an apparent assassination attempt. The attack was not entirely surprising. Ahmed has been ruffling quite a lot of feathers.


What Grab could do better in its recent acquisition of Uber

Grab announced its acquisition of Uber business in Southeast Asia on 26 March 2018. Following the announcement, there were several articles by Singapore mainstream news broadcasters highlighting that the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) were not notified about the deal, hundreds of Uber staff were told to pack up and leave within 2 hours, Uber drivers are worried about their car rental contracts, and etc.


Realising the full growth potential of Philippines SMEs four key plays in a game of nimbleness

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 99.6 percent of all registered businesses in the Philippines and employ over 70 percent of the working population


How much do you know about millennial leaders

According to Aon Hewitt, millennials are currently the largest generation in Singapore workforce. Last year, they make up more than 30 percent of Singapore labour market based on the Labour Force Participation Rate published by the Singapore Department of Statistic.


That one bad apple…

Is misbehaving contagious? While our research looked at financial misconduct, and the degree of its contagion, this has implications for any other setting, where people are grouped together after misconduct.


A new social contract for a shared future in a fractured workforce: navigating Hong Kong’s changing employee expectations

Underpinning the various discussions happening at the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos was the theme, “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.”


Are long-tenured directors detrimental to effective corporate governance?

Debate over the length of director tenure, and therefore the value of setting term limits, has emerged as a contentious topic in recent years.


Always look back… the healing power of nostalgia

The challenges of adjusting to a new country is well documented…the culture shock from the different way of life, the food, and the new rules of interaction.


Decisions, decisions … the more (options) the merrier…

Imagine you are looking for a medical insurance plan. You can visit the webpage of NTUC Income, Prudential, GE, and Aviva, and pick the plan that seems the best overall.


Cultural adaptability affects companies’ success overseas

The success of companies who venture abroad hinges on how they adapt to local cultures and address cultural differences. Those that have a strong and distinct organisational culture have historically been more vulnerable to cultural conflicts in foreign countries.


Can German Mittelstand make America great again

In the past decades, US economic growth has been achieved by driving down costs through outsourcing and by keeping wages low through globalisation. A harsh lesson learnt during the 2008 crisis was that lowering costs alone cannot fuel the economy.


When employees enable an untrustworthy leader

What happens when a leader behaves unethically? The follower’s perceptions about the leader’s trustworthiness and their future interactions with said leader become strained and trust is eroded. It seems intuitive.


Bringing the community into the boardroom - is this the new face of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a comfortable homily for the corporate conscience. Simplistically put, it is where corporations return a part of the profits they make to the communities they operate in, to improve some aspects of it.


Choosing the next CEO – It’s in the face

Volkswagen has agreed to pay almost US$15 billion (S$20 billion) in the US for cheating on its emissions tests; but beyond the hefty fines, firms which are embroiled in such trust-violation situations – big names like Enron and Worldcom; and closer home, institutions like National Kidney Foundation, City Harvest church and the 1MDB - have the urgent task of proactively restoring their damaged reputation.


Have the Japanese acquired cultural intelligence capital to manage their M&A capital

Japanese M&A has risen significantly in the last three years, increasing from 37% to 67 % of all Japanese corporations’ foreign direct investment. 2015 was also a banner year for Japan, logging in over USD 85 billion in outbound investment.


When our decisions are based on social norms rather than our preferences

We make many decisions daily, ranging from minor ones, such as buying shoes, to major decisions, such as picking a school to send our children to.


SME be nimble, SME be quick

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often lack resources and are buffeted by unpredictable events. But their very smallness means they can also be nimble.


Giving Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

When was the last time you voluntarily lent a hand to a co-worker? If it is not something you do very often, it is time to start.


Managing 21st Century Careers The need to get “Entrepreneurial”

The old days of clear career trajectories and stable employment are over. We now have a labour market characterised by shorter-term work that is more varied, more unpredictable, and devoid of boundaries.


The business of cultural intelligence

Eel soup, floor numbers and compensation packages are just some of the disasters that lack of cultural intelligence can bring about.


Emerging Impediments to Managerial Decision-making

From drawing up strategy plans to executing operations, raising capital to planning budgets, defining products and structuring sales channels, corporate management decision-making has always been a challenging one.


From Control to Commitment Effectiveness of 50-50 Joint Ventures

You ask an economist, trained anywhere in the world: what is the ideal percentage of ownership in a joint venture and the answer will be: of course, more than 50% to enjoy the extra rights and privileges.


Tackling the growth-efficiency feud

Many Singapore firms, both small and large, often have the twin goals of ensuring efficiency in their operations, while creating growth.


Strategic Boards: The Role of Non-Executive Directors

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, equity markets have been through a volatile period with the current weakness in global economic growth roiling investor confidence.


Ageing Singapore, Ageing Leaders Does It Have To Be

Singapore will grow older faster than nearly every other society in the world, warned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his speech at the Singapore Management University’s Ho Rih Hwa Leadership in Asia lecture last year.


Is everyone smart How this simple belief informs people's stand on education, and why this matters for business

More and more, businesses require educated workers. Without an educated, computer-literate work force, it would be difficult if not impossible for modern businesses to function.


One percent inspiration….

New brooms sweep clean… a common refrain for hobbies, new appliances, but as our research shows, applies to entrepreneurs too.


People Who Have Stronger Belief in Intellectual Potential of Others

The more people believe in the intellectual potential of others, the more likely they are to view education as a fundamental right, finds new research.

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