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Digital Strategies in Business Enterprises


Business digitalization is changing the competitive landscape in many industries. Tech-savvy customers are demanding more. Innovations by many tech-startups are posing real threats of disruptions to many industries including banking and healthcare. This stream of research seeks to understand digital business strategies from two angles.

The first angle comes from the perspective of digital disruptors. Through intensive case studies, we analyze the rise of digital disruptors to understand why and how they are able to disrupt established industries. How do they seize opportunities from the institutional voids in Asia to create new digital innovation? How do they evolve their business models to grow? How do they counter the old institutions and the inherent advantages of the existing incumbents? How do they sustain their innovation momentum as they grow bigger?

The second angle comes from the perspective of established incumbents. How do they rewire themselves for digital transformation to deal with these challenges? What are the key thrusts of their digital business strategies? How do they make sense of the chaos and navigate the dynamic digital innovation landscape? What new digital capabilities do they need to develop to prevent the erosion of their competitive edge? How can they develop the innovative mindsets to be more like the digital disruptors?

One stream of research anchors itself in the context of digital transformation in the financial industry. In particular, it investigates the digital business strategies of incumbent banks and financial institutions (e.g., China’s Ping An, Singapore’s DBS Bank, Indonesia’s BTPN Bank) as they seek to counter the threats of fintech disruptions from non-bank competitors. At the same time, this research also examines the competitive strategies of emerging “born-digital” fintech companies (Ant Financial Services in China, Go-Pay in Indonesia) as they evolve their business models to break into the domain of traditional financial services. Through these comparative case studies, this research seeks to derive more in-depth understanding in developing practical insights to advise the dynamic crafting of digital business strategies for the incumbents and disruptors respectively. ​

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