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Research Information

Research Requirements

The following materials will be given to participants over the course of the training programme for training and research purposes. All the research components are to be completed individually.  

​Item​ ​Description​
1​ Baseline

A baseline survey will be given to you after you consent to participate in this study. This survey will take ab​out 20 minutes to complete.

​2 Interview Session 1 Before the administration of the diary surveys, you will be requested to attend an interview so that the research team can gain an understanding about your organization and your potential intrapreneurial ideas. The entire session will take about 45 minutes to complete.
3 Diary Surveys​

You will be requested to complete short diary surveys over a three months period.

The surveys are administered on a weekly basis and take about 20 minutes to complete each survey.

4 Interview Session 2 A second interview session will be arranged. The session will take about 45 minutes to complete.
5 Follow-up There will be a follow-up survey administered three months after the weekly diary surveys are completed. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.
6 ​Training Feedback

You will answer a feedback survey at the end of each training day.

7 ​Optional Tasks​ There is also an OPTIONAL request to add you as a connection on LinkedIn. Please note that this is entirely OPTIONAL.
Monetary Incentives
You will be entitled to financial incentives if you attend all the classes, complete two interview sessions and at least 70% of the surveys.
In total, you can receive up to $100 when you complete all the interviews and surveys.
To register for the programme, please fill in the registration form here.
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