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Programme Details

Programme Schedule
The training includes four 3-hour online sessions, and regular touch points with the research team. The entire programme (including regular interviews and surveys) takes place over a three-month period.

The training will take place online, given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation. We will, however, ensure a high level of interactivity for the online programs, by providing lots of chances for discussions to apply the concepts conveyed in the training program. Class sizes will be kept small – to about 30 pax per online class – to create optimal environment for class interactions online. 

The training sessions will take place within July-October 2020. There will be multiple sessions available, and we will find a slot for you based on your availability.
Training Content
While the COVID-19 pandemic creates significant challenges for organizations around the world, it also offers some opportunities. For example, the lock-down situations and social distancing requirements globally have highlighted the need for organizations to embrace digitalization as a norm, as companies find that employees can no longer meet face-to-face, and they can no longer meet customers physically. The new normal created by the pandemic also suggests the need for organizations to identify opportunities for innovation, both internally – in terms of process improvements, and externally – in terms of new markets and business models.

This research-cum-training program is designed to help managers and supervisors identify opportunities for innovation for your firm. This is the best time for leaders to step-up in their efforts towards innovation, and to be future-ready. The content covered includes:
  • Problem analysis: Participants will be encouraged to use techniques that will assist them in the discovery of new opportunities, and problem analysis. We will discuss lean concepts, which encourage firms to identify the wastes evident in their organizations, and we will also highlight the need to examine the root causes of problems, in order to focus organizations on understanding the situations and problems, to start with. Lean is a methodology that will allow business to implement their ideas with minimal waste, making full use of their limited resources by discovering the effectual principles.
  • Design Thinking, a tool and approach towards innovation: Design thinking has become increasingly popular in the world of business, with small & medium to large firms like P&G and SAP using and advocating the Design Thinking approach. Design thinking, emphasizing Human-Centered Design and empathy driven solutions, has been promoted widely by design firms like IDEO and Stanford University’s D School. It has now become a must-know tool for companies keen to grow and flourish through continuous innovation. The course will introduce participants to the key principles of design thinking, which will provide firms with the tools to better make sense of the problems and opportunities they face.
  • Creativity tools and framework that help with problem solving and ideas brainstorming: Creativity refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to generate something novel. We will train participants to engage in divergent thinking, which refers to the deliberate attempt to generate multiple, novel and original ideas using a series of exercises and frameworks.
  • Business Model Innovation: We introduce participants to concepts of incremental and radical business innovation and help participants to think through how they might be able to incrementally or radically change their business models.
  • Discover potential digitalisation strategies: Participants will be informed on various technologies that may be adopted by their organizations, which do not require intensive technological capabilities.
  • Persuasion and Business Negotiation skills that participants can use in their implementation plans to have their ideas be well-received by key decision-makers.
As part of the programme, you will also be asked to respond to questionnaires and short interviews that will track your idea development over time. Monetary incentives will be provided for your time and effort. More information is provided in the Research Information page.

Here are some things that past participants had to say about our programmes:

Very good in the training flow of contents. Well done!
- R.K.
An engaging program provides key insight of identifying business opportunities.
- L.W.

Professor Boh Wai Fong is very knowledgeable and engaging. She includes every one of us in the programme for all discussions and allows us to openly share our ideas.
- S.K.

Great initiative and interesting frameworks discussed, along with opportunity to meet likeminded people.
- A.S.

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