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Programme Details

Programme Schedule
The training takes place on 2 Saturdays, 1 week apart. The entire programme (including pre- and post- interviews and surveys) takes place over a three month period. Another follow-up will be conducted three months after the end of the programme. 
The June-August 2019 training programme is currently underway. The next run of this training programme will be conducted within September 2019 to November 2019
Training Content
Innovation is the lifeblood of the economy and of organizations today. Any innovation or business venture originates from a discovery of new market opportunities. This workshop will introduce to participants the key innovation skills that are required to identify and evaluate business opportunities that may be the start of participants’ entrepreneurial journeys. The content the workshop will cover include:
  • Design Thinking, a tool and approach towards innovation: Design thinking has become increasingly popular in the world of business, with small & medium to large firms like P&G and SAP using and advocating the Design Thinking approach. Design thinking, emphasizing Human-Centered Design and empathy driven solutions, has been promoted widely by design firms like IDEO and Stanford University’s D School. It has now become a must-know tool for companies keen to grow and flourish through continuous innovation. The course will introduce participants to the key principles of design thinking.
  • Creativity tools and framework that help with problem solving and ideas brainstorming: Creativity refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to generate something novel. We will train participants to engage in divergent thinking, which refers to the deliberate attempt to generate multiple, novel and original ideas using a series of exercises and frameworks.
  • Pattern identification - examining the latest trends in technologies, business models and consumer behavior: Cognitive heuristics help individuals to interpret information and generate linkages to existing knowledge, helping to generate more business ideas. We train individuals to identify and perceive connections between seemingly unconnected trends and events.  Through a series of exercises, we will train participants to identify latest trends and apply pattern recognition techniques to recognize trends and to use the trends to identify new opportunities.
  • Ideas evaluation: Participants will be trained to apply various criteria to evaluate business opportunities to determine which ones may be worthwhile pursuing.
  • Value Proposition Development: Participants will unlock the potential of creating value to the lives of their chosen customer segment through the use of templates that aim to uncover and achieve the ideal fit between the target customers’ needs and the proposed product or service.
  • Resource Management: You will also learn about what makes entrepreneurs “entrepreneurial” by discovering the effectual principles that govern how successful entrepreneurs think and act. Finally, you will have the opportunity to create a personal development plan by considering your core values, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and developing a realistic game plan to help you achieve your ultimate entrepreneurial goals and aspirations.
As part of the programme, you will also be asked to respond to questionnaires and short interviews that will track your idea development over time. Monetary incentives will be provided for your time and effort. More information is provided in the Research Information page.
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