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Opportunity Identification Training Programme

Identify Opportunities for Innovation in your Organization with the Opportunity Identification Training Programme.

About the Training Programme

This research-cum-training programme is designed to help individuals innovate and identify opportunities for innovation within your organization. During these times of uncertainty, for businesses to remain resilient, the need to find new opportunities and innovate is more acute than ever. This is also a good time for you to reflect on what opportunities for innovation exist in your organization, and will help you do your job better. In particular, we will help you to focus on problems and business opportunities, engage in design thinking as an innovation approach, reflect on new business models that are applicable to your firm, and identify digitalization opportunities for your organization.

What will this program cover?

This programme is carefully structured and informed by research, taking place over a 3-month period. It includes 4 half-day online training sessions, where you will be taught some key concepts for innovation, design thinking and problem analysis, digitalization opportunities based on various AI tools, and techniques for pitching your business ideas to key decision-makers.

You will learn key techniques to identify and pitch opportunities, including
  • lean concepts;
  • design thinking;
  • creativity tools;
  • business model innovation;
  • persuasion and business negotiation
As part of the programme, you will also be asked to respond to questionnaires and short interviews that will track your idea development over time. Monetary incentives will be provided for your time and effort. More information on the programme content can be found here.


  • Gain opportunity identification skills from leading entrepreneurship professors from Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) 
  • Free 4 half-day training sessions conducted online
  • Certificate of Completion will be provided from NTU
  • Opportunities to network with attendees and facilitators
Monetary Incentives
  • You will be entitled to financial incentives and the possibility of an additional cash prize if you attend all the classes, complete two interview sessions and at least 70% of the surveys.
  • In total, you can receive up to $100 when you complete all the interviews and surveys.

Is this programme for you?

This training programme is for individuals in a managerial or supervisory role who are interested in identifying opportunities for innovation in their firm.

Multiple managers from the same organization are allowed to join.

Attendee Requirements:
  • At least 21 years old
  • Is a manager/supervisor leading a unit, team, or department
  • Organization is registered in Singapore
  • Proficient in English
Registrants will be required to attend an interview and commit to the assigned training dates.

Programme Fees and Data Usage

    This training programme (worth $1500 per pax) is free. 
    This programme is developed as part of a study funded by the Ministry of Education Social Science Research Thematic Grant (MOE-SSRTG).
    The data collected as part of this programme will be used for research purposes. Analysis based on this data will provide critical insights for academic research, and into how the training programme changes behaviors and skill development relevant to opportunity identification. Data resulting from your responses will be used only for research purposes and for informing policy-making. Confidentiality of your responses will be strictly protected. No identifiable company or individual data will be used in reports or publications, or provided to any government agency. All of the assessments are approved by the Institutional Review Board of NTU (IRB-2019-02-011).

    Should you have questions on participants' rights in the study, please contact the Institutional Review Board of NTU (Tel: 6592 2495; Email:
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