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Year 2014


The Division of Banking & Finance frequently organises seminars featuring finance professors from renowned business schools. The talks typically start at 10.30am and end at noon. They usually take place at Executive Seminar Room in Block S3.1 of the Nanyang Business School building. Directions to Nanyang Business School may be found here .For further enquiries, please contact Florence Cher at or call her at (65) 6790 6354.

We also organize Brown Bag Seminars. Click here for our Brown Bag Seminar Series.

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Year 2014
​18 Nov​ The Role of Institutional Investors in Voting: Evidence from the Securities Lending Market
by Asst Prof Pedro Saffi, University of Cambridge​
11 Nov
Protection of Trade Secrets and Capital Structure Decisions
by Assoc Prof Hernan Ortiz-Molina, University of British Columbia
​4 Nov Do Cash Flows of Growth Stocks Really Grow Faster?
by Assoc Prof Jason Chen, Texas A&M University
28 Oct The Bright Side of Cash Holdings: Innovation Efficiency
by Prof K.C. John Wei, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
21 Oct
Motivated Monitors: The Importance of Institutional Investors' Portfolios Weights
by Prof Jarrad Harford, University of Washington
14 Oct
Making It to the Top Ten: From Female Labor Force Participation to Boardroom Gender Diversity
by Prof Renee Adams, University of New South Wales​
​9 Oct The Effect of Forced Refocusing on the Value of Diversified Business Groups
by Prof John G. Matsusaka, University of Southern California
30 Sep
Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Firm Performance Around the World
by Prof Kwangwoo Park, KAIST (Korea)​
23 Sep Do Shocks to Risk Aversion Affect Risk-taking in Delegated Portfolios?
by Asst Prof Scott Yonker, Indiana University
16 Sep Do Unions Affect Innovation?
by Assoc Prof Xuan Tian, Indiana University
9 Sep Taxes and Leverage at Multinational Corporations
by Assoc Prof Michael Faulkender, University of Maryland
2 Sep
Organizational Form and Firm Performance: Evidence from the 'Death Sentence' Clause of the Public Utility Act of 1935
by Asst Prof Francisco Perez-Gonzalez, Stanford University
​26 Aug Salient Experience of Environmental Disaster Explains Social Responsibility Attitudes Later in Life
Prof Henrik Cronqvist, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
20 Aug
Technological Competition and Strategic Alliances
by Prof Kai Li, University of British Columbia
​12 Aug Corporate Transparency and Bond Liquidity
by Prof Roland Fuess, University of St. Gallen
22 Jul Less is More: Financial Constraints and Innovative Efficiency
by Assoc Prof Paul Hsu, University of Hong Kong
​08 Jul Financial Institutions, Aggregate Liquidity Provision, and Contagion Risk
by Prof Zhongyan Zhu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
​18 Jun CEO Narcissism and the Takeover Process: From Private Initiation to Deal Completion
by Asst Prof Chunyu Yang, Norwegian Business School​
​17 Jun Debt, Taxes, and Liquidity
by Assoc Prof Hui Chen, MIT Sloan School of Management
​9 Jun Patent Trolls
by Assoc Prof Umit Gurun, University of Texas at Dallas
​3 Jun Noise Trader Risk and Hedge Fund Returns
by Prof Bing Han, University of Toronto
27 May
The Impact of Venture Capital Monitoring: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
by Asst Prof Xavier Giroud, MIT Sloan School of Management
​ 20 May The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: The Sovereign Rating Channel
by Prof Heitor Almeida, University of Illinois
14 May What a Difference a Ph.D. Makes: More than Three Little Letters
by Assoc Prof Joshua Pollet, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
​ 6 May Should Exchanges Impose Market Maker Obligations?
by Prof Kumar Venkataram, Southern Methodist University
29 Apr​ Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur?
by Prof Andrei Simonov, Michigan State University
22 Apr Unfriendly Creditors: Debt Covenants and Board Independence
by Prof Daniel Ferreira, London School of Economics
​14 Apr Executive Overconfidence and Compensation Structure
by Prof Vikram Nanda, Rutgers Business School
8 Apr Analysts' Expertise in Stock Picking: Older, Slower and Wiser
by Prof Kent Womack, University of Toronto
​1 Apr Bid-Ask Spreads and the Pricing of Securitizations: 144a vs. Registered Securitizations
by Prof Burton Hollifield, Carnegie Mellon University
​​ 21 Mar The Dark Side of ETFs
by Assoc Prof Utpal Bhattacharya, Indiana University
​ 20 Mar ​​Under One Roof: A Study of Simultaneously Managed Hedge Funds and Funds of Hedge Funds
by Prof Vikas Agarwal, Georgia State University
​7 Mar Valuing Changes in Poilitical Networks: Evidence from Campaign Contributions to Close Congressional Elections
by Pat Akey, London Business School
​28 Feb Does Analyst Coverage Affect Tax Avoidance? Evidence from Natural Experiments
by Tao Chen, Chinese University of Hong Kong
​13 Feb ​​Asset Growth and Stock Market Returns: A Time Series Analysis
by Quan Wen, Emory University
​7 Feb Predation and Rivalry: Evidence from Retail Industry
by Bomi Lee, University of Texas at Austin
​4 Feb Bribes and Firm Value
by Stefan Zeume, Columbia Business School
​29 Jan Multiple Testing in Economics
by Yan Liu, Duke University
​27 Jan Procyclical Credit Rating Policy
by Jun Kyung Auh, Columbia Business School
​23 Jan Collateral and the Choice Between Bank Debt and Public Debt
by Leming Lin, University of Florida
​21 Jan Banks' Equity Stakes and Lending: Evidence from a Tax Reform
by Bastian von Beschwitz, INSEAD
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