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Year 2013


The Division of Banking & Finance frequently organises seminars featuring finance professors from renowned business schools. The talks typically start at 10.30am and end at noon. They usually take place at Executive Seminar Room in Block S3.1 of the Nanyang Business School building. Directions to Nanyang Business School may be found here .For further enquiries, please contact Florence Cher at or call her at (65) 6790 6354.

We also organize Brown Bag Seminars. Click here for our Brown Bag Seminar Series.

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Year 2013
17 Oct Bank Lending Relationships and use of the Performance-Sensitive Debt
by Dr Tim Adam, Humboldt University
8 Oct Employment and Wage Insurance within Firms: Worldwide Evidence
by Dr Marco Pagano, University of Naples Federico II
1 Oct​ Asset Pricing: A Tale of Two Days
by Dr Pavel Savor, Wharton University of Pennsylvania
17 Sep Can Short Selling Help Correct Under-Pricing?
by Dr Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, Purdue University
10 Sep
The Value of Financial Advice
by Dr Juhaini Liannainmaa, University of Chicago
5 Sep
Illiquidity Premia in the Equity Options Market
by Dr Peter Christoffersen, University of Toronto
22 Aug Are Institutional Investors Truly Skilled or Merely Opportunistic?
by Dr Johan Sulaeman, Southern Methodist University
13 Aug
Innovative Firms and the Endogenous Choice of Stock Liquidity
by Dr Vikram Nanda, Georgia Tech
9 Jul Consumption and Debt Response to Fiscal Stimuli: Evidence from Large Panel of Consumers of Singapore
by Dr Sumit Agarwal , NUS
4 Jul​ The Impact of C0-Location of Securities Exchanges' and Traders' Computer Servers on Markets Liquidity
by Dr Robert Webb, University of Virginia
27 Jun Insurance Risk & Research Conference 2013
18 Jun
The Behavior of Investor Flows in Corporate Bond Mutual funds
by Dr Chen Yong, Texas A&M University
11 Jun Is "Sentiment" Sentimental?
by Dr Zhang Xiaoyan, Purdue University
4 Jun
Inefficient Investment Waves
by Dr He Zhiguo, The University of Chicago​
28 May Synthetic or Real? The Equilibrium Effects of Credit Default Swaps on Bonds Markets
by Dr Martin Oehmke, Columbia University
17 May Agency Problems of Corporate Philanthropy
by Dr Ron Masulis
14 May The Higher They Fly, The Harder They Fall
by Dr Yu Jia Lin
7 May Common Errors: How to (and Not to) Control for Unobserved Heterogeneity
by Dr Todd Gormley
30 Apr Cultural Proximity and The Processing of Financial Information
by Dr Yu Xiaoyun
23 Apr Fire Sales and House Prices: Evidence from Estate Sales due to Sudden Death
by Dr Kasper Neilson, HKUST
16 Apr Predicting Time-varying Value Premium Using the Implied Cost of Capital: Implications for Countercyclical Risk, Mispricing and Style Investing
by Dr Bhaskaran Swaminathan
11 Apr
Why Do Term Structures in Different Currencies Comove?
by Dr Christian Lundblad
​2 Apr Do Acquisitions Relieve Target Firms' Financial Constraints?
by Dr Isil Erel
12 Mar Using Equity Options to Obtain Forwarding-Looking Equity Betas- with an Application to the Commodity Markets
by Dr Ehud I. Ronn
​19 Feb International Evidence on Algorithmic Trading
by Dr Ekkehart Boehmer, EDHEC Business School
18 Jan Contagious Runs in Money Market Funds and the Impact of a Government Guarantee
by Dr Hugh Hoikwang Kim​
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