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Year 2012


The Division of Banking & Finance frequently organises seminars featuring finance professors from renowned business schools. The talks typically start at 10.30am and end at noon. They usually take place at Executive Seminar Room in Block S3.1 of the Nanyang Business School building. Directions to Nanyang Business School may be found here .For further enquiries, please contact Florence Cher at or call her at (65) 6790 6354.

We also organize Brown Bag Seminars. Click here for our Brown Bag Seminar Series.

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Year 2012
10 Dec Do Higher Paid CEOs Weather The Storm Better? Evidence from the Great Recession
by Dr Song Wei Ling, Louisiana Stat University
27 Nov Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role of Private Equity Firms
by Dr Mark Humphrey, University of New South Wales
20 Nov Does the Tail Wag the Dog? The Effect of Credit Default Swaps on Credit Risk
by Dr Dragon Tang, University of Hong Kong
19 Nov Leveling the Playing Field: Financial Regulation and Disappearing Local Bias of Institutional Investors
by Dr Benile Gennaro, University of Miami
9 Nov
Beating the Target: A Closer Look at Annual Incentives Plans
by Dr Yang Jun, Indiana University
6 Nov
Do Analysts' Preferences Affect Corporate Policies?
by Dr Ambrus Kecskes, Virgina Tech
23Oct Misvaluation and Return Anomalies in Distressed Stocks
by Dr Amit Goyal, Emory University
16 Oct
The Sum of All Seasonalities
by Dr Matti Keloharju, Aalto University
12 Oct NTU-SGX Richard Sandor Finance and Sustainbility Seminar at NTU
9 Oct The Real Effects of Shor-Selling Constraints
by Dr Gustavo Grullon, RICE University
5 Oct Provision of Management Incentives in Bankrupt Firms
by Dr Vidhan, Hong Kong University
25 Sep
Do Institutional Investors Influence Capital Structure Decisions?
by Dr Roni Michaely, Johnson Cornell University
7 Sep Taxes and Capital Structure
by Dr Mara Faccio, Purdue University
Understanding the Incentives of Commissions Motivated Agents: Theory and Evidence from the Indian Life Insurance Market
by Dr Shawn Cole, Havard Business School
7 Aug Worldwide Reach of Short Selling Regulations. Strategic Liquidity Supply in a Market with Fast and Slow Traders
by Dr Thomas McInish, University Memphis
20 jul Firm Mortability and natal Financial Care
by Dr Utpal Bhattacharya, Indiana University
6 Jun The Governance Workshop
by Dr Paul Malatesta, University of Washington
26 Jun Junior Faculty Session
by Dr Paul Malatesta, University of Washington
25 Jun Insurance Risk & Research Conference
19 Jun Corporate Ownership Structure and The Choice Between Bank Debt and Public Debt
by Dr Paul Malatesta, University of Washington
1 Jun Why do Individuals Exhibit Investment Biases?
by Dr Henrik Cronqvist, Claremont Mckenna
25 Jun
Cross- Market Timing in Security Issuance
by Dr Dong Lou, London School of Economics
22 May Strategic Mutual Fund Tournaments
by Dr Joe Chen, UC Davis
15 May Revisiting the Bright and Dark Sides of Captial Flows in Business Groups
by Dr Li Jin, Harvard Business School
8 May Shareholder Participation and Rights Offerings: New Findings for an Old Puzzle
by Dr Clifford Holderness, Boston College
3 May Networks and Productivity: Casual Evidence from Editors Rotations
Dr Joey Engelberg, University of North Carolina
24 Apr The Maturing of the Private Placement Market
by Dr Mark Huson, University of Alberta-School of Business
20 Apr Paying Attention: Online Account Look-ups and Information-Dependent Utility
by Dr Duane Seppi, Tepper School of Business Carnegie Mellon
9 Apr Esscher Transform Pricing of Options Under Discrete Time Regime-Switching
by Mr Chao Qiu, University of Waterloo
3 Apr Political Uncertainty and Public Financing Costs: Evidence from U.S. Municipal Bond Markets
by Dr Pengjie Gao, University of Notre Dame
27 Apr Strategic Cash Holdings and R&D Compettition: Theory and Evidence
by Dr Evgeny Lyandres, Boston University
14 Mar Urban Vibrancy and Corporate Growth
by Dr Sheridan Titman, The University of Texas at Austin
13 Mar Redefining Financial Constraints: a Text-Based Analysis
by Dr Gerard Hoberg, University of Maryland
8 Mar Startegic Performance Allocation in Institutional Asset Management Firms: Behold the Power of Stars and Dominant Clients
by Dr Zoran Ivkovich, Michigan State University
24 Feb Regulatory Supervision and Informed Trading
by Dr David Reeb, Temple University
16 Feb Competition and Analyst Coverage
by Dr Zhang Huai, Nanyang Technological University
7 Feb Dating the Timeline of Financial Bubbles During the Subprime Crisis
by Dr Yu Jun, SMU
18 Jan A Comparison of Board Structure in Public and Private US Firms
by Dr Gao Huasheng, Nanyang Technological University
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