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Year 2008


The Division of Banking & Finance frequently organises seminars featuring finance professors from renowned business schools. The talks typically start at 10.30am and end at noon. They usually take place at Executive Seminar Room in Block S3.1 of the Nanyang Business School building. Directions to Nanyang Business School may be found here .For further enquiries, please contact Florence Cher at or call her at (65) 6790 6354.

We also organize Brown Bag Seminars. Click here for our Brown Bag Seminar Series.

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Year 2008
25 Nov Dynamic Mean-Variance Asset Allocation
by Dr Suleyman Basak, London Business School
20 Nov Why Do Firms Pay Cash in Acquisitions? Evidence from a Catering Perspective
by Lei Zhang, INSEAD, France
18 Nov Why Does the Reaction to News Announcements Vary Across Countries?
by Dr John Griffin, University of Texas at Austin
11 Nov Managerial Decisions, Asset Liquidity and Stock Liquidity
by Dr Ohad Kadan, Washington University at St Louis
5 Nov Persistence in Trading Cost; An Analysis of Institutional Equity Trades
by Dr Venkataraman Kumar, Southern Methodist University
4 Nov Estimating a Model of Real and Nominal Term Structure Using Treasury Yields, Inflation Forecasts and Inflation Swap Rates
by Dr George Pennacchi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
24 Oct Corporate Political Cycles
by Dr Youngsuk Yook, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
21 Oct Where did all the dollars go? The Effect of Cash Flow Shocks on Capital and Asset Structure
by Sudipto Dasgupta, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
13 Oct Measuring the Timing Ability of Fixed Income Mutual Funds
by Dr Wayne Ferson, University of Southern California
9 Oct Stock Market Declines and Liquidity
by Dr Allaudeen Hameed, National University of Singapore
3 Oct Limit Order Markets: A Survey
by Dr Duane J. Seppi, Carnegie Mellon University
23 Sep The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions Over the Lifecycle
by Dr Sumit Agarwal, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
19 Sep Cross-Sectional Stock Option Pricing and Factor Models of Returns
by Dr Duane Seppi, Carnegie Mellon University
16 Sep Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Brokers-Exploring neural, behavioral and emotional explanations for broker use
by Dr Duane Seppi, Carnegie Mellon University
7 Aug Analyst Forecast Consistency
by Dr John Chalmers, University of Oregon
11 Sep CAPM for Estimating the Cost of Equity Capital: Interpreting the Empirical Evidence
by Dr Ravi Jagannathan, Northwestern University
2 Sept WhyDo Firms with High Idiosyncratic Volatility and High Trading Volume Volatility Have Low Return?
by Prof Hwang Chuan-Yang, Nanyang Technological University
25 Aug A Tour of Behavioral Finance
by Dr David Hirshleifer, University of California at Irvine
18 Aug Product Market Efficiency: The Bright Side of Myopic, Uninformed and Passive External Finance
by Dr Thomas Noe, Oxford University
13 Aug Product Market Efficiency: The Bright Side of Myopic, Uninformed and Passive External Finance
by Dr Thomas Noe, Oxford University
Jul 21 The High Idiosyncratic Volatility Low Return Puzzle
by Dr Kevin Wang, University of Toronto
Jul 16 Fear of the Unknown: Familiarity and Economic Decisions
by Dr Bing Han, University of Texas at Austin
Jul 11 How Much of the Corporate-Treasury Yield Spread is due to Credit Risk? A Credit Spread Puzzle
by Dr Jingzhi Huang, Pennsylvania State University
Jul 9 Credit Default Swap Market Liquidity and Corporate Yield Spreads
by Dr Wu Chunchi, University of Missouri-Columbia
Jun 18 Are All Inside Directors the Same? CEO Entrenchment or Board Enhancement.
by Dr Ronald W. Masulis, Vanderbilt University
Jun 17 Average Correlation and Stock Market Returns
by Dr Mungo Wilson, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Jun 13 How Do Large Banking Organizations Manage Their Capital Ratios?
by Dr Mark Flannery, University of Florida
May 14 On the Information Role of Stock Recommendation Revisions
by Dr Robert S. Hansen, Tulane University.
May 12 Investment, Financing Activities and the Predictability of Stock Returns
by Dr Jason Karceski, University of Florida
May 6 Old Money Matters: The Sensitivity of Mutual Fund Redemption Decisions to Fund Characteristics
by Dr Scott Weisbenner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and NBER
Apr 30 Financially Constrained Arbitrage and Cross-Market Contagion
by Dr Denis Gromb, London Business School
Apr 25 Agency Problems at Dual-Class Companies
by Dr Cong Wang, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Apr 21 Underconditioning and Overconditioning: Testing the Conditional CAPM and the Conditional Fama-French Three-Factor Model
by Yan Li, Cornell University
Mar 17 Calendar Cycles, Infrequent Decisions and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
by Darwin Choi,Yale School of Management
Mar 13 Resurrecting the Size Effect: Firm Size, Profitability Shocks and Expected Stock Returns
by Dr Kewei Hou, Ohio State University
Feb 20 The Cross-Section of Stock Returns and Monetary Policy: The Roles of the Capital Market Imperfection and Interest Rate Channel
by Dr Sungjun Cho,Columbia University
Feb 15 Political Connections and the Allocation of Procurement Contracts
by Jongil-So,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Feb 11 The Monitoring and Advisory Functions of Corporate Boards: Theory and Evidenc
by Dong Chen,Duke University
Feb 5 Do Foreign Investors Exhibit a Corporate Governance Disadvantage? An Information Asymmetry Perspective
by Prof Jun-Koo Kang, Michigan State University
Jan 30 Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice with Housing as a Hedging Asset
by Yu (Frank) Zhang, Columbia University
Jan 29 What Role Do Buyout Sponsors Play When Leveraged Buyouts Go Public?
by Jerry X. Cao, Boston College
Jan 22 A Theory of Debt Financing and Debtholders' Representation in Corporate Governance Based on Managerial Initiative
by Xinping Li, Stanford University
Jan 18 Employee Stock Options, Financing Constraints and Real Investment: Theory and Evidence
by Dr Ilona Babenko and Dr Yuri Tserlukevich, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
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