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Year 2007


The Division of Banking & Finance frequently organises seminars featuring finance professors from renowned business schools. The talks typically start at 10.30am and end at noon. They usually take place at Executive Seminar Room in Block S3.1 of the Nanyang Business School building. Directions to Nanyang Business School may be found here .For further enquiries, please contact Florence Cher at or call her at (65) 6790 6354.

We also organize Brown Bag Seminars. Click here for our Brown Bag Seminar Series.

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Year 2007
4 Dec Cross-Country Differences in Firm Multiples
by Dr David Ng, Cornell University
27 Nov The Levered Equity Risk Premium and Credit Spreads: A Unified Framework
by Dr Ilya Strebulaev, Stanford University
26 Nov Are Liquidity and Information R isks Priced in the Treasury Bond Market?
by Dr Junbo Wang, City University of Hong Kong
20 Nov Depression Babies: Do Macroeconomic Experiences Affect Risk-Taking?
by Dr Stefan Nagel, Stanford University
13 Nov Liquidity Risk and Limited Arbitrage: Why Banks Lend to Opaque Hedge Funds
by Dr Evan Gatev, Boston College
7 Nov Estimating a Model of Real and Nominal Term Structure Using Treasury Yields, Inflation Forecasts and Inflation Swap Rates
by Dr George Pennacchi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
6 Nov Learning by Trading
by Dr Tyler Shumway, University of Michigan
30 Oct Productivity, Asset Return and International Index Momentum
by Dr Zhang Hong , INSEAD
23 Oct Ambiguity, Learning and Asset Returns
by Dr Jianjun Miao, Boston University and HKUST
5 Oct Testing the APT with Maximum Sharpe Ratio of Extracted Factors
by Dr Chu Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
26 Sep Corporate Leverage: How Much Do Managers Really Matter?
by Dr Vidhan Goyal, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
21 Sep Property Market Bubbles, Toeholds, and the Winners' Curse: Evidence from Hong Kong Land Auctions
by Dr Gan Jie, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
13 Aug Removing Market Friction and Sharing the Gain: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform in China
by Dr Kai Li, University of British Columbia
10 Aug Media Coverage and IPO underpricing
by Dr Laura Xiaolei Liu, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
7 Aug Market Liquidity, Asset Prices and Welfare
by Dr Jiang Wang, MIT
11 Sep CAPM for Estimating the Cost of Equity Capital: Interpreting the Empirical Evidence
by Dr Ravi Jagannathan, Northwestern University
30 Jul The Effects of Bank Relations on Stock Repurchase Decisions: Evidence from Japan
by Dr Kenneth Kim, State University of New York, Buffalo
25 Jul Accounting Quality and Catastrophic Market Events
by Dr Gilles Hilary, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
18 Jul Stock Market Misvaluation and Corporate Investment
by Professor Ming Dong (York University) and Professor Siew Hong, Teoh (University of California at Irvine)
28 Jun Dual-class share issues and mitigating the costs of corporate democracy
by Dr Suman Banerjee, Tulane University
11 May Too Busy to show up? An Analysis of Directors' Absences
by Dr Pornsit Jiraporn, Penn State at Great Valley
3 May The Performance of Reverse Leveraged Buyouts
by Jerry Cao,Boston College
24 Apr Hedge Fund Activism, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance
by Professor Alon Brav, Duke University
20 Apr The Term Structure of Analyst Forecasted Earnings Growth and Return Anomalies
by Dr Mitch Warachka, Singapore Management University
18 Apr Fairness Opinions in Mergers and Acquisitions
by Dr Rajesh Narayanan, Ohio University
14 Mar Understanding Stock Return Predictability
by Dr Hui Guo, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
9 Mar Monitoring, Financing and Optimal Multiple-Bank Relationships
by Dr Wei-Lin Liu, Michigan State University
7 Mar How Life Cycle Funds Affect 401 (k) Portfolio Behavior
by Takeshi Yamaguchi, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
2 Mar Target Behavior and Financing: How Conclusive is the Evidence?
by Dr Xin Chang (Simba), University of Melbourne
23 Feb Derivatives Use and Risk Taking: Evidence from the Hedge Fund Industry
by Dr Scott Weisbenner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and NBER
13 Feb Price Discreteness and Dealers' Market Power in the OTC Markets
by Yong Chen,Boston College
9 Feb Pricing American Options Under Stochastic Volatility and Jump-Diffusion Dynamic
by Professor Carl Chiarella, University of Technology, Sydney
7 Feb Option Pricing under Habit Formation and Event Risks
by Du Du, University of Chicago
31 Jan Takeover Bidding with Signalling Incentives
by Tingjun Liu, Carnegie Mellon University
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