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Fundamentals of Additional Mathematics


Fundamentals of Additional Mathematics


Mathematics knowledge and skills are important and essential in Nanyang Business School’s curriculum, many of which are highly quantitative and analytical in nature.

Additional Mathematics is important because this forms the basis of most mathematical theories used for business models and formulas. It is the basic block of life, everything we know and see can be represented by mathematical formulas or models, and this is why Additional Mathematics is so important because nearly all jobs require extensive knowledge of Math!

If you do not already know, the online games that you are playing are programmed through lines of codes which are mathematical equations and logic written out lines after lines! The materials presented here aims to help learners build a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge and for those who require Maths to support skills in other courses as they progress through our rigorous curriculum.

Learners will develop their reasoning, problem solving and analytical skills in a variety of contexts as they go through the topics that have been carefully selected, and particularly useful in preparing them to handle the first year statistics course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I start accessing the materials?

A: Sign in here with your NTU network account to start accessing the materials. You can access these materials any time of day, and as and when during your studies in NBS.

Q: Are there any academic units awarded?

A: These materials are made available to facilitate self-learning and to prepare students for University education. Thus there will not be any academic units awarded.​

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