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Course Exemptions

Course Exemptions

'A'-level, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, NUS High and Polytechnic graduates may be granted course exemptions for a relevan​t Accountancy or Business core course based on their pre-university qualifications.

Course exemptions for:

  • A-Levels Graduates

    If you have obtained an A grade and above for Economics at H2 Level, you will be eligible for exemption from the first-year Core course HE9091 Principles of Economics.
  • IB Diploma Graduates

    If you who have obtained a Grade 7 and above for Economics at Standard Level OR a Grade 6 and above for Economics at Higher Level, you will be eligible for exemption from the first-year Core course, HE9091 Principles of Economics.
  • NUS High Graduates

    If you have taken both MA5107 Statistics and MA6207 AP Statistics, and score​d at least B+ for MA6207, you will be eligible for exemption from the first-year Core course, AB1202: Statistics & Analysis. If you have obtained a Subject CAP 4 and above for Economics, you will be eligible for exemption from the first-year Core course HE9091 Principles of Economics.
  • Polytechnic Graduates

    You may be granted an exemption for a relevant first-year course related to the Diploma you have obtained. Note that only Diplomas listed in Annex A are allowed exemptions.

    Students who are considering an exemption for AC1103 – Accounting I​, please see the special instructions here​​

Transfer students from other schools in NTU can seek exemptions and credit transfers for similar or relevant courses covered in their previous programme of study. Application procedures are available at Change of Programme.

Transfer students from other universities should submit an Exemption Request Form for Transfer Students​, together with your degree audit/transcript, and detailed course outline of the courses that you have taken with your former institute, to the NBS Undergraduate Programmes Office at S3-B3a for review and consideration. Students applying for course exemptions must submit their application to the School within the first semester for their enrolment in NTU.​

If you opt for an exemption, you :

  • Are deemed to have fulfilled the requirements of the course and the corresponding number of Academic Units (AUs) will be awarded to you.
  • Need not attend the lectures/tutorials/sem​inars and examinations for the exempted course.
  • Will not be given a grade for the exempted course.

Exempted courses do not count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA) and have no bearing on the classification of honours to be awarded to you.

You are welcome of course to choose not to take up a course exemption offer (For example, you may feel that taking the course at the undergraduate level will serve as a good refresher and appreciation of the higher-level courses), no action is needed on your part. You may continue to read the course as scheduled in your timetable.

Application Procedure​

If you qualify for an exemption, you will be informed by the NBS Undergraduate Programmes Office via email before the start of semester. Instructions on how to exercise your course exemption option will be included. If you wish to accept the offer for exemption, please complete the form that corresponds to your academic status: ​

A Level Graduate

Polytechnic Graduate

NUS High G​raduate

IB Diploma Graduate

Special Notes

If you are intending to specialise in Actuarial Science for the Bachelor of Business or Double Degree in Accountancy and Business programme, please do not opt to be exempted from AB1201: Financial Management or AC1103: Accounting I or AD1101: Financial Accounting, even if you are eligible to do so. These three courses are needed to qualify you for exemption from CB1 Business Finance, part of professional paper examinations conducted by various actuarial professional bodies that you may take after you graduate from Nanyang Business School.

​​​Further Enquiries​

Frequently Asked Questions​​

Contact Ms Tham Li Yu

Phone: +65 6904 1335​


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