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Career Services

Welcome to Undergraduate Career Services

​We are a dedicated team of specialists committed to helping undergraduates of Nanyang Business School define their career goals, and thereafter map a path to achieving those objectives. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Through courses , workshops and seminars, we can help you work out what careers best fit your skills, interests and values, and equip you with knowledge and skills to help you nail that job interview. Working closely with top recruiters in Singapore and beyond, we can advise you on the latest in internship opportunities, job openings and employment trends.


AB1001 Career Foundations and AB1002 Career Readiness

  • AB1001 is designed exclusively for first-year students as they embark on university studies. From the combination of class discussions and hands-on approach in crafting an effective resume to understanding how to build your skills as a student, you will have a firm start to a good career when you graduate. In the world of business, having solid credentials and the relevant technical skills is a basic requirement. More importantly, projecting the right fit often holds the key to a lasting and fruitful relationship with your employer. Knowing oneself is the first step toward finding a good job fit. It will also address the pandemic challenges in the future of work. These are some of the critical issues this seminar will address.​
  • AB1002 further prepares students for the business world, placing more emphasis on matching your career interests with employer offerings. The five-week seminar comprises topics ranging from internship sourcing to interviews and professional behavior at the workplace. We will also discuss the pandemic challenges affecting the way we work and interact with others. We brainstorm with students key questions about careers – Is this the company where I want to spend my working life in? Am I willing to contribute and succeed in this role? What is the organisation culture like? Every question you can think of to ask yourself puts you that much closer to being a good fit in a new job. With the right fit, you will be able to explore, develop and uncover your true potential and capabilities. Graduates who assimilate better at an early stage of their career are better able to perform and grow.

Integrity - The Foundation for a Lasting Career

At NBS, we instil the importance of integrity into our students, and its particular importance when constructing résumés, attending interviews, and evaluating offers by our employer-partners. Read more about your moral compass.

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There is no "one size fits all" timeline for internships at NBS. Explore the wide options available for you.

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 one-stop portal makes event registrations and internship and job searches time-efficient, easy and convenient. Students can upload their resumes and submit applications in just a single click.

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One-to-One Career Discussion

During the scheduled appointments, you can share with us your career interests and we will recommend strategies and help you develop a plan to reach your goals. You can also get expert advice from our team of career advisers on issues such as job search, resume and cover letter writing, professional development and etiquette, salary negotiation, etc. The one-on-one career consultations are approximately 30 minutes long and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. All information exchange between students and career advisers are completely confidential – you are welcome to ask whatever questions you want.

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Skills for Internship and Job Search

Throughout their studies, students are also encouraged to pursue experiential learning opportunities. Our role is to ensure resources are in place to facilitate this endeavour so that students can develop and enhance their skill-sets. Click here for tips on Resume and Cover Letter, Mock Interview, Networking, Evaluating Job Offers and Salary Negotiation.

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Boost sessions for intern undergraduates

Join us in one of these events to learn about the intricacies and nuances of navigating around the corporate world as an intern. Meet with your peers and know new friends through the other industry guests as well.

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Brekkie with Career Services


ur team hosts monthly breakfast sessions for undergraduates to drop by our office for a chat over breakfast! Bring your own takeaway breakfast or join us over some food and chat about anything that caught your eye recently in the news which you think may affect your future career. Or come by to discuss with us your latest career strategy. The brain-stimulating brekkies have been very popular with students!

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Mentoring Progra


Mentors ROCK! Connect with a mentor while you are in NBS!
We have a suite of mentoring programmes for you to choose from.
Mentors can guide and coach you unto a path which can lead you towards more clarity in your life and career choices.
The Way to Success (TWTS) is a leadership and mentoring programme which enables you to define the successes you want to see in your life.
Click here to find out more!

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Mock Interview

This is a 30-minute session for students to practise interviewing with industry experts. The session is recorded and a debrief is subsequently conducted during replay. This enables instant feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Through mock interviews, students gain confidence and are more comfortable on the actual day.

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Video Interview

This method of filtering candidates at the initial stage of recruitment process has gained popularity amongst our employer-partners. To get students ready, Career Services offers them the opportunity to practise interviewing skills using SONRU’s video interviewing platform. There is a follow up of a face-to-faced feedback with students on their performance in the video interview.

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Contact Us

Undergraduate Career Services
Nanyang Business School
Phone: +65 6790 4899/5612

Postal Address: Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Technological University
S3-B3B-35, 50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 6


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