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International Trading Programme (ITP)


International TradingProgramme (ITP)



Singapore is the largest physical commodities trading hub in Asia and home to the decision-making and risk management functions for global commodity traders. In 2013, wholesale trade accounted for 1 in 10 jobs in Singapore. It is one of the largest contributors to Singapore’s economic value-add (VA) among all services sectors, constituting 16% of Singapore’s total VA and contributing more than 350,000 jobs. It has been a high growth sector over the past decade, achieving 12% annual VA growth between 2002 and 2012.

The bustling ecosystem of offshore traders and supporting industries creates highly-skilled jobs for Singaporeans and include some 14,100 professionals. To further strengthen Singapore’s status as a leading global trading hub, there is a need to develop a robust talent pool as part of the trade ecosystem. It is estimated that Singapore will need to grow the specialised talent pool for the trading sector by approximately 500 per year to ensure a healthy pipeline of talent to fuel and sustain the continued growth of the sector.

With total trade valued almost three times of Singapore’s GDP, the commodity trading sector is vital to Singapore’s future economic growth and an attractive career pathway for NTU graduates. The global commodity trading corporations present opportunities for graduates with technical competencies in the trading industry.

To develop a pipeline of talent for the trading sector, NBS, in partnership with Enterprise Singapore and the trading industry, has launched a new International Trading Programme (ITP). Exclusively offered through the following undergraduate programmes as an additional specialisation or track option, the ITP will provide the key foundation and gateway to attractive careers in the lucrative commodity trading sector and value chain.

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Programme Highlights


Scholarships, Study Trips and Internship Opportunities​ for Students

ITP students will have the opportunity to go on overseas and local study trips and/or internships with industry partners which are major trading corporations and companies operating in the trading value chain. Students will gain valuable exposure and the chance to network in the global trading arena.


Wider Career Prospects, Options and Opportunities for Graduates

The knowledge and training in commodity trading will benefit students in complementing their business and technical knowledge and therefore broaden their career prospects, presenting greater career options and a stepping stone for those looking to launch their careers in the lucrative commodity trading sector and value chain.



All graduates from the ITP will receive a certificate issued by the NTU Centre of Excellence (International Trading).



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