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Operations Management

The PhD programme in Operations Management (OM) focuses on the training and development of research expertise, independent and innovative thinking in the broad area of operations management. Students are expected to be actively engaged in research that generates new knowledge about the methods and strategies for improving the processes of goods and service creation. We welcome applications from individuals who wish to pursue an academic career in the field of operations management or related area(s).

Faculty members in the OM group have strong background in operations management, operations research and management sciences. They are actively involved in research and have a record of quality research publications and editorial positions at top journals. Their recent research work has appeared in leading international journals, such as Journal of Operations Management, Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Operations Research, and Production and Operations Management, and Strategic Management JoUrnal. Further information about our division and the research interests of the faculty members can be found at our Division's page​​. ​​

Currently, areas of research for the faculty members in OM include inventory management, of supply chain coordination, sustainable supply chains, emergency logistics & humanitarian operations, models of innovative service systems, revenue & risk management, among others. Doctoral students in the Ph.D. programme in OM are expected to work closely with the faculty members on their research projects, which should eventually lead to top-journal publications. In addition, the Division sponsors regular seminars to expose faculty and Ph.D. students to contemporary research issues in the related areas. The school also provides financial support for our doctoral candidates to present their research work in premier international conferences.

The core courses in the OM PhD programme include: optimization, stochastic processes, game theory, inventory theory, and contemporary issues in operations management. Depending on the dissertation topics, students also can take up elective courses across a variety of areas as well. ​

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