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Leadership, Management & Organisation

The PhD programme of the Leadership, Management & Organisation (LMO) Division is designed for students who wish to study and do research on Organisational Behaviour (OB) and Human Resource Management (HRM). Our programme has a strong focus on empirical research. We aim to develop academics who publish world-class research and whose ideas have practical implications for the modern workplace.

Our area focuses on studying people in their roles as employees, managers, and leaders.  By drawing on concepts and research methods from psychology and sociology, students learn to conduct research on people’s behaviour in organisational contexts. The LMO Division has a special emphasis is on cross-cultural and intercultural organisational behaviour in the global context. Research topics may include culture, personality, motivation, negotiation, decision making, power, leadership, team processes, compensation & benefits, talent sourcing, and human resource management.


A unique strength of the LMO PhD programme is its focus on the theory and practice of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which is defined as an individual's capability to work effectively across cultures. PhD students with unique interests in extending the knowledge domain in the area of cultural intelligence will have the opportunity to work with a team of faculty on the CQ research programme.​

Further information about our division and the research interests of the faculty members can be found at our division's page​.​
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