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Public Programmes for Professionals

Our programmes groom high potential executives and middle-level managers to take on more strategic leadership roles and lead change effectively.

Finance & Valuation
Sharpen your financial acumen and realise growth through Mergers & Acquisitions.

Learn to conduct valuation in a professional way. Get certified in Asia’s first Chartered Valuer & Appraisal Programme.


Digital Transformation
Discover how digital technology is transforming consumer behaviour and decision making. Leverage the power of analytics to formulate new strategies and solutions to drive business results.

Risk Management
Gain critical insights on enterprise risk management and build ERM competencies to improve the alignment of strategy, risk and returns to optimise long-term organisational performance.

Specialised Programmes
Discover more programmes such as Global Oil Trading and practical applications of Sun Zi’s Art of War strategies to today’s business and marketing.

Not sure which programme to go for? Use our programme finder
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