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Pursue an MBA at NBS: MBA Professor Ranked Among the Best in the World

Dr Krishna Savani has garnered a lot of acknowledgement in Singapore with his abilities and accolades.  Now, Dr. Savani has even been recognised internationally in Poets&Quants’ 2018 Best 40 Under 40 Professors.

Dr Savani is an associate professor of strategy, management, and organisation at Nanyang Business School (NBS), one of the best MBA schools in the world. Dr Savani has received much recognition and awards in Singapore over the last few years. In 2014, the National University of Singapore Business school awarded him with the Outstanding Educator Award. In 2015, the Association for Psychological Science gave him the Inaugural Rising Star Award. One year later, Dr Savani was featured on the Singapore Business Review as one of the 18 most influential business professors in Singapore under the age of 40. In the same year, he was the first as well as the only professor in Nanyang Business School to receive the university-level award, the Nanyang Assistant Professorship Award since it was first made in 2008.

Dr Savani has also produced 31 research articles that are all original, 19 of which have been published in top-tier management and psychology journals. Eight of the research articles were published as recently as in 2017.

Dr Savani is also loved by many of his MBA and PhD students. Many of them say that classes with him are active and engaging, and he is commended for his unique teaching style. In class, he gives live demonstrations of his students’ decision-making biases using survey experiments.

This is what one student had to say about Dr Savani:

“Apart from being a brilliant teacher and a class apart researcher, he is an amazingly exceptional human being who inspires his students to always aspire for the best. His sharp insight and keen intellect is reflected in his work and his many noteworthy publications. His lab meetings that I always never miss a chance to attend, show me how much more there is to learn and how any idea, no matter how complicated, can be presented and understood in a simplistic and realistic manner. His almost childlike curiosity and intense passion for research motivates me to strive harder every day.”

Dr Savani is very passionate about teaching his students and educating them to make a difference in society. When asked what he enjoys most about teaching business students, he said: “Seeing the look of shock on their face when I show the results of an in-class experiment (e.g., when a minor change in the wording of a question makes a dramatic difference in students’ decisions)’’. 

About Poets&Quants

Poets&Quants’ is an online blog with an established reputation for accurate and highly creative stories on anything and everything MBA related. Their 40 Best Business Professors Under 40 list looks at the most inspiring young professors at the best business schools in the world and chooses the best from them.

NBS is also the only business school in Asia on the 40 Best Business Professors Under 40 list this year. Having received such an honour, NBS’s reputation is raised even further as a business school offering some of the best MBA programmes globally that are led by top-tier faculty.

Dr Savani said, “If my students can remember what I taught them 10 years from now, then I’ve done my job as their professor.”

More than anything, Dr Savani cares about what he teaches to his students. Going beyond merely business, Dr Savani believes strongly in doing business research and teaching to make a difference in society, especially among students and policymakers. Dr Savani’s unique approach to teaching and passion for business is what makes him stand out as a professor, and he is definitely one of the best.

Dr Savani has big goals in mind, and wishes to help a government body make an important policy decision 10 years down the road. When asked when he knew he wanted to be a business school professor, he said, “I worked as a research assistant for a professor studying behavioural economics during my undergraduate years. I was fascinated by evidence that very simple changes (e.g., making organ donation the default) can dramatically alter people’s behaviors (e.g., whether they actually decided to donate their organs).”

NBS offers one of the best MBA programmes in the world

The NBS MBA programme focuses on leadership, international exposure, and real-world application skills. In the 2018 Financial Times’ new Global MBA Ranking of Top MBAs for Women, the Nanyang MBA was ranked 10th. It is also ranked 6th in Financial Times’ Asia Pacific ranking, and 30th in the Global ranking. NBS has consistently been ranked among Asia’s top 10 MBA programmes, and the best in Singapore in The Economist.

In Singapore, the Nanyang MBA was the first business school to be recognised by both the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). NBS is the third in Asia to be recognised by them as well. For their certain standards in the education of accounting and business, EQUIS and AACSB are the most acknowledged globally.

NBS has many highly-ranked MBA programmes that train participants for leadership roles in a culturally diverse world The Nanyang MBA partners with many world-class institutions to utilise their strengths and provide students with opportunities for global exposure. 

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