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Business School Diversity: Getting the Most Out of Your MBA

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While some choose to take up a master’s degree programme because they want to start a new career in a chosen professional field, others may take advantage of the resources available at world-class universities.

As the corporate world becomes more globalised, people get to interact more with others from different countries. This applies to business schools of today too. Is it necessary to create an international and diverse MBA experience for the participants? Most likely, yes.

The importance of diversity in classroom; getting the most out of your MBA

Diversity helps to inspire a learning environment where healthy debates on differing viewpoints can take place. However, it should be noted that diversified argument within the academic circle, if stretched, could invoke ‘creative destruction conversation’ which usually impedes innovation.

Sam Mara, Cambodian, Chief of Section, National Bank of Cambodia said, “During my MBA at Nanyang Business School in 2016, the programme provided me with international exposure that changed my single-cultural lens to a multi-cultural one. There were nine nationalities in my class. Apart from Asian countries, there were also European countries and that was a good direct application of CQ that I learned.”

About the structure and composition of MBA classes at Nanyang Business School

The MBA programmes at Nanyang Business School (NBS) are widely recognised. The robust curriculum and diverse faculty have enabled NBS to be ranked highly as a business school that offers some of the best MBA programmes in Asia.

NBS admits about 80 participants from 18 nationalities to its Nanyang MBA programme each year. The programme is taught by an international faculty with extensive collective business experience in management and consultation at major global organisations.

Ngo Thu Tran, also known as Deborah, is a postgraduate student of another programme offered at NBS. She speaks about the warm coexistence of different nationals at NBS and Singapore in general:

“Singapore, being a melting pot, has allowed me to interact with so many people from different walks of life, as well as seeing different sides of the world through their lenses. I have learnt to respect and embrace the diversity here.”

Strong academic affiliations with foreign institutions

Nanyang Business School has strong ties with Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, UC Berkeley as well as Waseda University. The bolstering effect of the ties with these overseas institutions cannot be underestimated; it is made evident in the recent QS Global MBA rankings of Asia, Australia and New Zealand where Nanyang Business School received top ratings. NBS is clearly on the list of top business schools in the world.

The highly ranked, globally accredited Nanyang MBA programme​

What makes the Nanyang MBA special? It is ranked highly among the top MBA programmes in the world. According to the 2019 Financial Times Global MBA rankings​, NBS is ranked 30th, and have been ranked top 40 every year since 2009. In addition, the Nanyang MBA is ranked 10th in the Financial Times’ new Global MBA Ranking of Top MBA Programmes for Women in 2019.
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