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Ten Reasons To Choose Professional (Part-Time) MBA

​​​​Take your leadership skills, your career and your contribution to the next level with our extensively redesigned part-time programme.

  1. 1. Gain deep, practical real-world insights
    Theory is important but so is application. By emphasising both understanding and use of the latest business tools, the Nanyang PMBA empowers you to boost your professional performance. Lectures are combined with case studies, applied projects and simulations to support you in developing and implementing ideas that challenge business conventions and create more value within your organisation.

    In keeping with our commitment to real-world relevance, we invite C-level executives to co-facilitate selected modules, imparting their extensive business expertise across a variety of industries.
  2. 2. Enjoy greater flexibility with our modular format
    The Nanyang PMBA’s modular format eliminates the need for out-of-office days and leave. Instead, classes are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays, two weekends a month, with breaks in June and December. This format offers greater control over your schedule and enables full participation, even if you need to travel for work during the week.
  3. 3. Experience the benefits of a full-time programme in a part-time setting
    Other part-time MBA programmes force participants to choose between study, family and work commitments. This often means missing out on one of the most valuable aspects of the MBA experience – peer learning. The Nanyang PMBA is different. By enabling you to deeply immerse yourself in classes, the programme’s unique structure ensures you get maximum value from our faculty and your fellow participants.
  4. 4. Learn from our world-class faculty
    Drawn from the world’s leading universities, Nanyang Business School’s faculty members are top academics, experienced consultants, ground-breaking researchers and skilled educators in their respective fields. Our teaching staff includes Professor Vijay Sethi, the top business professor in the world, as recognised by The Economist in 2013.
  5. 5. Access a powerful peer network
    Your fellow participants come from a wide range of organisations, industries, countries and cultures to share diverse perspectives with faculty and peers. This stimulating exchange of knowledge and ideas helps you build relationships that continue long after the programme ends, adding significant value to your professional network.
  6. 6. Realise immediate returns on your investment
    Every programme module is an intensive learning experience. Each equips you with deep insights and new tools to immediately apply in your working life to drive innovation and seize promising opportunities.
  7. 7. Attend an accessible location that brings NTU closer to you
    The Nanyang PMBA is delivered in an accessible location in Singapore. This makes attendance as convenient as it is enriching.
  8. 8. Accelerate your career development
    We know you have a promising career underway – you have the track record to prove it. That said, our commitment to each participant extends beyond the classroom. In an approach unique to NTU, we offer access to the NBS Graduate Studies Career Development Office throughout your time on our programme. This dedicated, highly singular support system offers expert advice on the best way to apply your new skills and competencies within your organisation.
  9. 9. Take advantage of innovative hybrid learning
    Our innovative hybrid structure for selected modules supplements our face-to-face classes. It supports anytime, anywhere learning by giving you access to tailored online study materials so you can prepare in advance. This approach facilitates insightful discussions with faculty members and fellow participants during classes.
  10. 10. Find ways to make your studies more affordable
    Embarking on an MBA is one of the most important investments of your life. That’s why we partner financial institutions to provide fuss-free and affordable financial assistance to bring your dreams within your reach.

* As we are refining the programme to better fit your needs, the programme curriculum and location of classes will be subject to changes.​​​​​​​​​​

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