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Testimonials - PMBA Alumni

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part time mba asia

"One of the highlights of the PMBA is that it is held on alternate weekends, which is tailor-made for working professionals. This format allows us to be more deeply immersed in the programme. The faculty is excellent. A huge part of learning comes from my cohort. Their sharing and inputs helped me to grasp the concepts and gain clarity on the topics learned in the programme."

Abdul Aziz Bin Mohamed Faizal
Assistant Vice President
PMBA Class of 2019

part time mba asia

"One of the key benefits of the PMBA is that I don’t have to sacrifice my career to do a quality MBA programme. In addition, I found the Leading People Globally (LPG) really useful and applicable to my career. I became more self-aware, got to know my leadership style better and became more mindful of others’ styles as well."

Jerlyn Koh
Regional Regulatory Affairs Manager
LEO Pharma Asia Pte. Ltd.
PMBA Class of 2019

part time mba asia

"The PMBA equips us with real-world business insights to remain relevant in the challenging business environment. I saw the benefits just three months into the course. Our organisation was in the midst of negotiating a complicated business deal and we expected the success rate to be very slim. I immediately applied the principles taught and not only did we manage to close the deal smoothly, my CEO was so impressed that he appointed me to be in charge of the organisation’s major projects!"

Aung Lwin Lwin
Chief Financial Officer
ISOTeam Ltd
PMBA Class of 2019

part time mba asia

"There are many working professionals who think that they can’t do an MBA because they don’t have the time for it. I was one of them, but I found the Nanyang PMBA really manageable because of its alternate weekend schedule. In addition, the business skills and tools taught are very applicable. If you ask me, I would do it again."

Daniel Tay
Head Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR)
PMBA Class of 2019

part time mba asia

"I believe that personal transformation propels breakthrough in life and career. The rigorous training and exposure from an MBA programme would maximize the transformational effect. That's why I joined Nanyang PMBA - to challenge myself, to wrestle with the weaknesses, to inspire and get inspired. And it turns out to be the best decision I've ever made."

Jiao Bo
Key Account Manager, Autonomous Driving
Bosch Southeast Asia
PMBA Class of 2020

part time mba asia

"I place a lot of focus on picking up soft skills such as negotiation, public speaking, networking and leading. The PMBA allows me to practice all these skills within a group of diverse, like-minded individuals who possess similar level of drive and motivation. Academic lessons are important; however these intangible experiences and knowledge are what that will really prepare me for future boardroom leadership roles."

Kelvin Chan
Project Manager Emerson Automation Solutions
PMBA Class of 2020

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