opt Nanyang Professional MBA: Part-Time MBA for Working Professionals
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Nanyang Professional MBA: Bringing world-class, part-time MBAs to the ASEAN and beyond

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​Nanyang Business School (NBS) is a world-class educational institution which is highly regarded for its MBA programme. Ranked 22nd in the 2018 Financial Times' Global MBA Ranking​, NBS is one of the best business schools in Singapore and ranked among the world's premier business schools.
NBS currently offers three Double Masters programmes in collaboration with Waseda University (Japan), St. Gallen University (Europe) and ESSEC (France). These programmes take longer on average to complete, with the estimated time for completion ranging from 15 months to two years.  
Students from South East Asia with excellent academic results are eligible to apply for our MBA scholarship; the ASEAN Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship is open to students from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
*A Professional MBA, or the PMBA, is meant for professionals with two or more years of working experience. 
**A part-time MBA programme is designed for individuals looking to study while working. Lessons take place within the city, and takes 18 months to complete.   

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Why study a​t NBS?

At NBS, quality education takes precedence. With highly qualified lecturers and a proven curriculum and syllabus, participants can expect to receive a world-class education that effectively imparts the specialised skills and knowledge they need to stay ahead - at comparatively lower costs.
The use of the English language in the classroom and business in Singapore also attracts students and professionals from 20 countries across the globe, creating a multicultural environment that facilitates a vast exchange of ideas and perspectives that will transform the way our participants think.   
The city itself offers participants a high quality of life, characterised by its political stability, well-developed infrastructure, vibrant and varied urban life and safety. 
NBS is internationally recognised and our graduates are highly employable wherever they are. Through the Graduate Studies Career Development Office (GSCDO), 88% of NBS graduates find employment immediately after graduating, with 100% finding employment within three months post-graduation. 
NBS graduates can expect an initial annual salary of US$126,218 for completion of three years of study. According to the Financial Times, this salary is projected to increase by 138% within three years in the workforce.

How is the study programme structured? 

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What makes NBS part-time MBA courses special? 

  • Small classes with low student-to-lecturer ratio: Organised into small, manageable classes, our participants receive significantly more direct supervision from their lecturers that supports better learning.   
  • Highly qualified and competent lecturers:  A competent teaching staff is essential for a high standard of education, a stance that receives a high level of respect from all levels of society in Singapore. Recognising this, the government has policies in place to attract the best to join its institutions.  
  • Globally relevant and competitive: Our MBA programmes are based on extensive research and case studies designed to prepare participants for a business environment undergoing rapid globalisation, necessitating the need for leaders to understand and manage elements of a cross-national environment and workforce. 
  • A focus on developing leadership skills: Strong leadership skills are essential to maximising business productivity and success. Our MBA programmes are designed to transform students into dynamic business leaders with the skills, determination and will to drive innovation and initiative home.

Advice for applying to our part-time MBA programmes:

Observe the following guidelines to improve the chances of success for your application:

Essay writing tips:

  • Use an independent voice that describes your individuality. Include details of your personal and professional experiences.
  • Include examples that demonstrate your leadership ability, team skills, ethics and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Adhere to the word count limit. Create a general outline and use it to prioritise content based on importance. Avoid repeated content.
  • Meticulously proofread and edit the essay for grammar and structure.
  • Do not plagiarise from any source.   
  • Do not use the same essay to apply to multiple schools.

Preparing for the interview:

  • Create a list of commonly asked business school interview questions and rehearse the answers out loud.
  • Think about what you want to do after receiving an MBA. If you wish to work for a specific company after receiving your MBA, that is an advantage.
  • Learn as much as you can about the NBS. This will demonstrate your interest in the school and give the interviewer a good first impression of you.  
  • Take time to practice your speaking skills in mock interviews with somebody you know or an admissions coach. Practice smiling while speaking in front of a mirror.

Observations to make during the interview:

  • Speak clearly and effectively.
  • Remember to properly introduce yourself the interviewer; describe your personal and professional experiences, and how you would contribute as a member of a team. 
  • Tell the interviewer how an MBA would help your career.
  • Avoid asking questions about the school that can be researched online. Doing so will demonstrate your lack of knowledge and give the interviewer a bad impression of you.

Other preparations:

  • Keep up to date with latest information on the school website, including school fees and syllabus structure.
  • Prepare all required documents beforehand.
  • Select a referee who knows you well. Your chosen referee does not necessarily have to hold a high position in the company but should preferably be someone you have worked closely with.

Download our Professional MBA (Part-Time) brochure and start your application today.

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