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The Life of an Accountancy Student


Masters Accountancy The Life of an Accountancy Student 

Now that you have decided to follow your love for numbers and will be taking up accounting as your career, you will very soon don the hat of an accountancy student. Whether you're in the under graduate or post-graduate level, you ought to know about the intricacies in the life of an accountancy student. There will be a grind and you've got to prepare for it, after all.

The life of an accountant is not a breeze. In addition to the difficult assessments, there are so many factors that you need to be prepared for should you wish to avoid a tempestuous experience during the course. But fret not, for you can be prepared for all that is to come. We adumbrate some key facets that are symbolic of the life of an Accountancy Student:

  • There will be no time - Yes, sleepless nights and fast approaching deadlines are a common feature in the dorms of accountancy students. But if it makes you feel better, being organized and avoiding procrastination can help you efficiently race ahead of time. This could mean that you'll be able to squeeze in a few hours a week for a workout routine or for family and friends.
  • Your interaction with professors is crucial - Regular interactions with professors regarding study lessons while seeking their help or clarifications is a vital part of any course. Students of accountancy often agree that they approach their guides and mentors when they are stressed out or low. Pep talks follow that help students get back on track.
  • Breaks are important - Stress gets to us, irrespective of the nature of job. Whether self-created or induced by external factors, stress isn't a very productive parameter, so learn to avoid it. Take a good break once a while, so that your workload and burn out don’t bog you down.
  • Scale up your skill set - While your curriculum will mostly be aligned to what the industry demands of you, there is bound to be a gap between the textbook and the application of accounting knowledge in reality. Integrate your classroom learning with practical work by being a part of annual summits, class debates, and other tasks that involve learning. Maximise your potential by reading more than just the prescribed study material.
  • Meet people and network - Contacts and network form the crux of the world of chartered accountancy. If you are outgoing, this is probably a step you would enjoy, but even if you prefer to be a silent spectator, make your presence felt. You never know which contact could help you land the dream job offer you are hoping for.
  • Apply for internships - This step is a precursor to the end goal of landing a sought after job. Internships help you understand the nature and style of work of various accounting firms and are imperative for any accountancy graduate. Most schools have a centre like the Graduate Studies Career Development Office at Nanyang Business School, NTU, Singapore that will guide you through this phase.

The life of a student is a lot of work but not as mind numbing as you think it would be. Being meticulous and focussed is the key to a smooth ride through student-life.

When you sign up for a reputed masters in accountancy, like the MSc in Accountancy from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, you can be sure of experiencing the best year of your life, that will prepare you for the challenging life of a professional accountant that follows.

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