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Prepare for a career switch into accounting

​​​When you began your undergraduate education, you had your heart set on being a teacher. But then you had a stint at the workplace of your dreams and realised that you were in the wrong place. Happened to you? Well, it happens to a lot of people. The good news is that it is 2016 - in this new age of opportunity, it is perfectly all right to change your mind. 

Any Good Degree Works 

 If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if you'll be able to make a successful career switch. Have you ever considered a switch into accounting? 

The Nanyang Business School's MSc in Accountancy programme​ seems like a great degree to take you to the top rungs of the accounting industry. Still, you worry because you didn't major in accounting at college. In fact, you aren't even fast with numbers. Time to celebrate: This master's programme is a great fit for candidates with undergraduate degrees in a variety of subjects. Just make sure that you went to a well-recognised institute and that you did your best there. 

Accountancy is In Demand 

In an uncertain global economy, accountancy can offer a stable career. It is often called a recession-proof profession. A supply of accounting professionals is always in demand to serve the complex demands of a rapidly changing business environment. Technology has changed what is possible in the industry with the rapid learning and unlearning of new applications and skills being a necessity as these systems move from stagnant, historical systems of record to dynamic, future-focused systems of engagement. Also, companies need everything to be in order as they keep stakeholders up to date. That's where accountants step in. You can work in a wide variety of finance roles for many types of organisations, including manufacturing companies, the government, health services and banks. 

Do Your Own Thing 

If setting up your own business is what you aspire to do, the degree can help your career switch too. Many people use their accountancy qualification to shift to general management or setting up a company. For example, those who work as auditors can visit several companies each year and examine their financial strategies and learn about how they work. That, in turn, will give you insight into what makes a company successful or not. 

While the thought of a career switch can be daunting, you shouldn't let a non-accounting college degree stand between you and success. The faculty members do not expect you to know about accountancy or tax when you arrive. They expect you to ask questions and fill your blank slate.

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