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Nanyang Business School (NBS) leads with data analytics module in its MSc Accountancy programme

Recognising the growing importance of big data, NBS’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSc Acc) programme will incorporate Data Analytics as part of its curriculum. NBS will be among the first in Singapore to introduce this module in a graduate programme in Accountancy.

The MSc Accountancy programme leverages on the School's long tradition and track record of more than 50 years in training executives in accounting and finance-related fields. The School is currently ranked 1st in Asia for accounting research*.

Not one to rest on its laurels, NBS continues to align its programmes with the real needs of industry and professionals.

The modern organisation has a tsunami of data that are often under-utilised for business planning and market research opportunities. Business analytics—the art and science of developing useful information and insights from large amounts of data — is of growing importance in today’s world.

Associate Professor Goh Kim Huat who will be teaching the Data Analytics for Accounting module cites real-life applications of how data analytics can help businesses. For example, previously, audits involved testing sample transactions, which ultimately, depends on the luck of the draw. With data management tools today, organisations can conduct 100% audit, enabling them to analyse all anomalies, making it harder for fraud to escape unnoticed. Insurers can also use text mining algorithms to flag fraudulent insurance claims.

This ability to harness big data is already a game changer - for businesses (retail traffic projections, logistics planning), governments (infrastructure planning, fraud detection), educators (learning analytics), media (opinion mining, platform efficacies), healthcare (data-driven diagnostics) and so on. What organisations and businesses need are business managers and strategists who can sift through the massive amount of data generated daily to create business intelligence and solutions.

Academic Director of the MSc Acc programme, Associate Professor Choo Teck Min, says NBS’ data analytics module will bring participants up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of data analytics and familiarise them with data management techniques, tools and software available. Thus equipped, data-analytics-ready graduates will be able to define and work with appropriate data sets to build solutions and create value for their organisations.

NBS’ Master of Science in Accountancy is offered as a full- or part-time programme. Full-time students complete the programme in a year; part-time students, in 2 years. The programme is accredited by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA).

*Based on Brigham Young University’s Main Ranking for all Accounting Publications 2016 (All Years). ​​​

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