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10 reasons why you should get an MSc in Accountancy from NBS

​​Masters Accountancy 10 reasons why you should get an MSc Accountancy from NBS

The Nanyang Technological University's business school is consistently ranked in the world's top b-schools and is one of the most prestigious educational hubs in Asia. Aspiring accountants have got lucky since Nanyang Business School replaced its MBA in Accountancy programme with the MSc in Accountancy. This specialised programme is full of opportunity for both local and international students. Here's why you should apply for the MSc in Accountancy programme right now. 

  1. At the Top: NBS is Singapore's first and most established accountancy school. With more than 50 years of expertise in training and nurturing professional accountants, the school is a foreground for success. According to the Brigham Young University (BYU) Accounting Research Rankings in 2013, the school was ranked first outside the United States and 5th globally for accounting research. Additionally, the school boasts of Singapore's most popular undergraduate accountancy programme.

  2. Well Connected School: NBS has unmatched connections with the best accounting firms. That translates into major internship opportunities with the best in the industry. Plus, the MSc Accountancy experience will bring you closer to multiple professional bodies in accounting, including the ICAA, CIMA, CPA Australia and many others in the region.

  3. Direct Entry into the SQP: Once you complete the MSc programme, you will gain direct entry into the SQP (Singapore Qualification Programme). You will qualify as a Chartered Accountant of Singapore after you complete the professional exams under the SQP and undergo mentorship in an accredited organisation for at least three years.

  4. Flexible Path: Students can opt for a part-time programme of two years or a full-time route of one year. The MSc in Accountancy consists of 12 compulsory courses, where you take four of them every semester. For those of you who cannot afford to study full time, there's no need to get alarmed.

  5. Valuable Career Services: Your association with NBS does not end with the conclusion of the MSc programme. A robust career services network will support you with workshops, seminars, career coaching and regular job postings. The centre will work with graduates to identify internship opportunities from a pool of unparalleled connections with the financial industry.

  6. Strong Alumni Network: The accountancy alumni of NBS are present all over the globe. Many occupy top ranks in the government, industry and businesses. The alumni network is a precious resource that always helps new graduates find career and business opportunities of their choice in Singapore and abroad. Notable alumni include Chan Hon Chew (CFO, Keppel Corporation Limited) and Lim Chow Kiat (Group Chief Investment Officer, The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation).

  7. Great Faculty: Every course in NBS's MSc in Accountancy programme is taught by faculty members from the well-established accountancy school. The teaching approach is famed for being industry-oriented and pragmatic. Students can take advantage of approachable faculty members, seminars, the latest case studies, presentations and discussions.

  8. Any Undergraduate Background: The good news for future accountants is that the MSc programme does not expect you to come with prior accounting experience. NBS welcomes students with undergraduate degrees in various subjects. The priority is a strong focus and willingness to learn.

  9. A Career Switch: NBS offers this masters programme to enable students to build a successful career in accounting and related fields. The programme is perfect for those who are looking at a career switch into accounting or finance roles. Whatever your prior education or work experience, the end result will prepare you to succeed and stand out in your new position.

  10. Booming Economy: Singapore has a highly developed market economy that centres on trade. It has low corruption and has been consistently ranked as one of the most open economies in the world. Government-linked companies play a major role in the economy. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) flows both inward and outward owing to Singapore's investment climate and stable political scenario.
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