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10 Must-Follow Blogs for Accounting Enthusiasts


Masters Accountancy 10 Must-Follow Blogs for Accounting Enthusiasts 

There's never an end to learning. Irrespective of the profession chosen, furthering one's knowledge and staying updated on the latest developments, technologies, and trends are crucial to excel in any career path. This applies to all industries and more so for accountancy as a domain. The fast paced and extremely demanding lives of practitioners make consuming traditional resources and research material rather difficult for them. But thanks to the Internet and digital media, lucid content is now available at the click of a button, and in quickly consumable quantities.

There are several interesting and insightful blogs that serve as a vast repository for accountancy related topics. These could be of immense use to accountancy students and professionals alike. Here are ten accounting blogs which we think are must-follows:

1. The Complete Guide: Accounting Coach
Looking for a go-to-guide for everything related to accounting? Here's one such blog that's nothing short of an encyclopedia. From learning accounting principles for free and information on accountancy courses to a vast listing of various accounting-related topics, the Accounting Coach is a straightforward resource for all your accounting questions. With over 80,000 newsletter subscribers and 14,000 Facebook fans, this blog has a wide readership.

2. Think Big: Big 4
As an aspiring or professional accountant, you are probably already aware that the Big 4 refers to the four largest international accounting firms that offer audit, assurance, tax, consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance, and legal services. Aptly named, the Big 4 blog gives a first-hand insight into opinions of business tycoons, analysis about recent news, key developments, and regulations that span a worldwide network. Additionally, this blog can help you land your dream job too.

3. Solve your accounting issues: The Accounting Onion
Authored by Doctor Tom Selling, who holds a PhD and CPA license, and is a former Accounting professor with a solid academic background, this blog aims to "peel away financial reporting issues one layer at a time". The Accounting Onion is a platform to educate and inform people about the various facets of accounting including the challenges faced in the field.

4. A peek into the life of an accountant: Accountant by Day
Meet Kellen, an accounting graduate who went on to become a full-time auditor and tax accountant. She started off blogging on, where she wrote about her experiences as an accounting student. On her current popular blog, Accountant by Day, she muses about accounting, personal finance, and the everyday life of an auditor and tax accountant.

5. A classroom experience: Joe Hoyle – Teaching Financial Accounting
In his sought after blog, veteran financial accounting professor Joe Hoyle covers the teaching and learning aspects of various accounting topics, by recounting his experiences as a professor and sharing his knowledge on accounting.

6. Play by the rules: Accounting Principles
If you're looking for a career in Accounting, or already are in one, here's a blog you can't afford to miss out on. Accounting Principles provides an understanding of various accounting career-related topics, including helpful tips on how accountants can leverage social media to boost their careers, job reports, leadership thoughts, and updated news, among others. This is yet another site that can help you land that dream job in accountancy.

7. Practice growth: Golden Practices Blog
Michelle Golden is a growth and profitability strategist, who utilizes her vast experience to blog about growth advice for professionals including accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors. Apart from various interesting articles on her Golden Practices Blog, you can also find a comprehensive and useful list of various accounting blogs on this site.

8. Make the Accounting world a better place: Forensic and Fraud Blog
Fraud, multi-level marketing, Ponzi schemes, regulations, auditing and financial investigations are those serious terms that give jitters to many an accountant. Learn everything you'd want to know, or may need to know in future about Ponzi schemes and mortgage fraud, including information on how these crimes happen and how to avoid them. Gary P. Opper, a CPA and co-founder of forensic accounting and fraud auditing CPA firm Levie-Opper, LLC scribes the Forensic and Fraud blog.

9. Keep up with the times: CPA Technology Blog
Technology has positively impacted almost all sectors, and the Accounting sector doesn't fall far behind. Authored by Brian Tankersley, a CPA and consultant based in Knoxville, Tennessee, this blog delves into the technological side of accounting, with reviews and information on accounting-related software and devices, high-tech accounting solutions, current and future trends.

10. Resources: Accounting Tomorrow
Finally, a blog that offers something for CPAs of all ages and experience levels. As the accounting profession makes room for a younger, more diverse generation of practitioners, the Accounting Tomorrow blog aims to engage the up-and-coming CPAs as well as learned veterans. From tips on boosting your sales with marketing and passing the CPA exam to increasing productivity, this blog is an essential resource for accounting professionals, both young and experienced.

The Internet is a huge storehouse, containing more information than we can consume. However, choosing the right blogs to follow, and maintaining a steady read-rate of at least two-three relevant blog posts per week, despite busy schedules, will go a long way in making one adept at their chosen field. Happy reading!

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