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​Nanyang Business School integrates Data Analytics module into its MSc Accountancy programme

Starting from the 2018 intake, NBS will be integrating Data Analytics into the syllabus of its Master of Science in Accountancy (MACC) programme.
The decision was made based on the growing importance of data analytics across all sectors of the global economy, particularly in business and commerce. Its inclusion into the MSc Acc programme (formerly an MBA programme) is in line with the school’s policy to align its curriculum with the practical needs of industry and a necessary step if NBS is to maintain its position as one of the best business schools in the world
With over 50 years of experience training executives in accounting and finance, NBS has a strong reputation for quality education that is internationally recognised. This has attracted students from around the region looking to do their MSc or MBA in Singapore and the MACC programme is one of the top MBA programmes available at NBS. International students from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines constitute a large proportion of the programmes’ intake.

Associate Professor Goh Kim Huat explains that the hard data provided by data analytics is the key to helping businesses make better decisions that will increase their profits. Instead of relying on speculative audit reporting based on sample transaction testing that provides no tangible insight or inference into its real-world implications, data analytics will allow auditors and analysts to objectively study the complex interdependent interactions that govern the statistics they are looking at.

The practical advantages of data analytics are immense and its use in industry and the public sector has resulted in vast improvements in their operational efficiency and effectiveness. Sectors that stand to benefit most from data analytics include businesses, governments, media platforms and healthcare service. 

Associate Professor and Academic Director, Choo Teck Min, is confident that the integration of the data analytics module into the programme will help familiarise its students with the latest data management techniques, tools and software available and give them a distinct competitive edge through their ability to build high-value solutions for the organisations that employ them.

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