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Living on Campus

​​On-campus Accommodation

Graduate housing is managed by the Housing Services Office and is available only to full-time international graduate students.​

Graduate housing on campus is provided primarily to new students to help them settle in and adjust to university life. Students may choose from the different types of accommodation available at Graduate Hall, Nanyang Heights and Nanyang Valley.

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Availability of hostel accommodation for graduates is seasonal (subject to prevailing occupancy levels at the halls) — invitations for applications will be posted on the Notice Board (Official Matters Only) or Notice Board (Students) of the Public Folders.

All rooms are furnished with a

  • Single bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Study desk
  • Air-conditioning
  • Personal bathroom

Internet connection is available as the campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled. There are a limited number of couple rooms.

Off-campus Accommodation

You can search for accommodation outside NTU campus from the local papers or from the Off-Campus Accommodation System (OCAS). You have to be a registered student with NTU in order to access OCAS. However, it would be easier if you book one of the accommodation choices offered within NTU. After you have settled down, you can take your time to search for off-campus accommodation. The ISC does not handle off-campus accommodation matters.


More off-campus accommodation options
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